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Saturday, January 30, 2010

All week

All week the weather persons have been talking about a winter storm coming. Maybe even 8 inches of snow. So Wednesday I was at the grocery with perhaps half of the people in my end of town. It was so busy I could hardly move around. You know the drill; Oh, sorry! Excuse me. I didn't mean to run into you!

After purchasing my groceries and getting back to the car in 50 degree weather, I was struck by how stupid I felt. After all, I was sweating. And anticipating a winter storm. Yes, anticipating it. Snow!!!! 6-8 inches of it.

It snowed last night, in between the sleet and the rain. This morning it is raining. And our 1 and a half inches of snow looks puny. So I have learned a lesson. Anticipation is not necessarily a good thing. And the weathermen don't know what is going to happen.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Rainy Day

I have heard that it is a good idea to save for a rainy day. That being, a day with no money.

I have heard that April showers bring May flowers.

I have heard it rain here to the extent of 16 inches above normal in 2009. After a really bad drought the year before it was truly a blessing.

I have heard rain here for the last 3 days. The dogs are truly ticked off.

There are several reasons to not love rain. There is the getting wet when the sig other takes you out to eat. Of course that points to the fact the sig other is actually taking you out to eat.

There is the mud the dogs track in when they go out to do their business. Of course that points to the fact that the dogs actually do their business outside and not in the house. Thank goodness for that!

In the summer rain means growing things like grass which has to be mowed. Of course that means we have actually been able to get grass to grow after years of trying.

There is the dark dank feeling of a winter rain. Of course that provides the best reason ever to stay home and hunker down and read a good book.

A cold rainy day can present it's own problems. The high humidity and low temp make the heat come on and dry out my skin. Of course I could go outside and fix the problem for a while.

Rainy day? Sounds like a winner to me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello again

This is the new year and already it seems to be disappearing too quickly. My life runs before me and I am not able to run fast enough to keep up.

My oldest child, a daughter, will be 39 on January 28. She was the cutest baby and we have always enjoyed the best of friendships too. But, why do I never feel like I have done the things I wanted to with her. The difficulties she faces as an adult are often things I didn't prepare her for. Could it be that there is no way to fully prepare a child for the future? God, I hope so. Then I wouldn't feel so bad.

I think the winter is getting to me and other people. December here was mild, very mild. I actually thought at one point that I wished it would get cold. Yeah, right. Dumb, I know. It got so cold the oranges in Florida were freezing. I'm glad I've decided not to play the guilt game so I don't blame myself for the cold. We actually had a small amount of snow. So pretty!!!

I have had to come to a realization about myself. I am lazy. Very lazy. I sit and look at things that need to be done. Period. That's all I do. Look at them. Like the way I have looked at my blog and said to myself I should write today. Since I last wrote in November you have some idea how lazy I have gotten. But the new year is here. I think that's supposed to mean something about getting things done.

I'm sitting here writing on the computer and I just looked around and saw something that needed to be done. Should I get up and do it or just sit and write and look at it. Now I am in a pickle.

Love to all till next time. Judy