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Monday, August 27, 2012

News of the day

 Yep. I'm a boho wannabe. And you know what? It's the easiest bag I've had to carry in a long time.

I have a few things to say. First, I have convictions. And I have been so afraid of offending folks that I have not said anything. On Pinterest I am finally saying it. I believe in the right of woman to control her body and her destiny. If in a marriage or other relationship, she has the right to come to a decision with her partner and live by it. I am so glad there is no one to tell me how to feel about this.

I think I like me better with makeup. My honey says it doesn't matter to him but it makes me feel better. Yeah, that's it.

Fall is coming. I'm disappointed by the new editions of Vogue and Bazaar. Or should I not read them if I'm truly boho? Anyway, the predominant colors are black, gray, brown, and more black. How totally depressing. And how much better I felt when I went to . They had the whole shows from each designer and there was plenty of color to be had. Often the magazines are like eye candy to me. I don't expect to see the clothes here in my area. But there are some connections such as shapes, proportions, etc that translate. Not this time. Maybe my eyes are getting bad but the pics were so dark it was hard to see the clothes.
It's not that I don't like black. I wear it. And so does my furdaughter. As you can see, she wears it well. But all black and gray for a whole season. No.

I have been enjoying blogs but I am having a problem relating in some instances. I see the young women wearing shoes that would send me tumbling if I even stood up in them. I see scarves that would make me sweaty in the winter. I see tight jeans. I hate anything that is confining. I see lots of stripes and polka dots. Now that I could get into. If I could find them in my sizes. You see, I'm one size on top and another on the bottom. They call my shape apple. That must mean waistless. No belt then. But on the good side, I love flats and there are many out there. I love jewelry. It has become very reasonable with the help of ebay. And I love color, no ironing, and pants. All available with the latest fabrics.

At one point I bought a bunch of fabric intending to sew. I still have it and the so super repurposing blogs and giving me the impetus to start. I also signed up for a crochet class to be held in Sept. Now that it is starting to cool down, I'm going to be out more. More trips to the mall. I love to people watch.

I have had some ups and downs about the diabetes. It's hard to know what makes the blood sugar go up. Sometimes the same thing eaten 2 different times will have wildly different readings. I wonder if I'm missing something. But I'll keep at it. I'll figure it out someday.

I saw the Hunger Games movie the other day. So I bought books 2 and 3. I must have liked the movie. I do like to read. I think I'll go do that now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Be careful What you ask for

 I asked for nothing for my birthday. I turned 67 on July 7 and I already have everything I will ever need, and then some. I am so
lucky. There are lots of problems in life and I've had some of them. The diabetes is a pain in the neck but so far it has also been a boon to my weight problems. I have lost some weight and I'm not feeling so bloated and ugly. I wonder if the raised blood sugar was affecting a lot of my life. It must have been. Funny enough, I don't miss French Fries.

Anyway, he got me flowers. I love the colors. Summer and Fall combined.

The weather is also contributing to my well-being. It has been the coolest August in a long time. I went out at 11:00 this morning and there was a cool breeze. Lovely. I just want Autumn so badly that I can't wait. I began to go through my clothing using some of the steps in other blogs. I have eliminated any clothing that is not to my liking, be it fit or looks. I'm sure Goodwill is going to love me. I looked for gaps in my wardrobe but since I'm retired I can weat anything I like. So no gaps. That's good.

Cheyenne, my youngest child.

I have hopes of going out for walks this Fall with devil dog. I think we will both benefit and my clothes are fine for that.

I have discovered that the last time I went to the mall to shop was a couple of years ago. I've mostly shopped on the computer. But I don't get good ideas of what is being worn in this area if I don't go out and look. So on Friday, I am going to the mall to walk around and check out the Fall clothing in the stores. I
can't wait. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Up and running, almost

Some changes. Me without makeup. Some days I don't do any makeup. But you might notice the change in hair. Color, cut, etc. My hair had gotten a bit longer. I've been coloring it light blonde. And then I decided it's not me. There are so many pretty blonde bloggers. And some half blonde bloggers. Anyway, between the blog and pinterest I discovered that I'm liking a lot of fashion and looks that I wasn't using myself. I am crazy for the bohemian look. I think it speaks freedom to me. Freedom to be yourself and freedom to please only yourself. I remember in the late 60's and early 70's I listened to Born To Be Wild, Me and Bobby McGee, and a lot of other songs and wished that
I could just get on a motorcycle and just leave. For good. I think it might have been my subconscious telling me that I was in the wrong place.

Anyway, my current relationship is with someone who encourages me to be myself and to make myself happy. I don't think I'd be happy as a roaming hippie. But I don't think I'd be happy doing the ex-soccer mom stuff either. Which brings me here. There are not a lot of blogs that celebrate older women. And the ones I have found seem to have money and a beautiful wardrobe from forever. I, however, have changed sizes, bought what would go over the fat, and gotten caught between what is sort of classic and what is a trend. Some of each. I wear clothing that doesn't bind. It stretches. I'm trying at this point to add some wovens to the mix. And in the meantime I have changed what I can control.

When I found out I have diabetes I changed my eating habits and my body is slowly reacting to the changes by losing some weight. I'm not getting on the scale. I'm not measuring yet. But certain things fit differently. And I like that. I will have the leftovers of a life of fat= loose skin. Oh well.

I'm back to taking pictures. I will have some things to show now. The new hair color and cut have made me realize that I feel more authentically me than I have in years. Maybe ever. And that's good.