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Monday, March 24, 2014

Is it getting old or diet or what?

Sometimes I'm amazed at how hungry I'm not. And sometimes I'm surprised at how hungry I am. Since the surgery I've been on liquids with a few sneaks here and there. I'm of the opinion that liquids don't do much to satisfy me no matter how much I take in. So I'm looking forward to the Dr. visit tomorrow so I can move on to pureed stuff. I assume they will teach me how to go about eating the pureed foods and will give me some idea as to what I can eat. Meanwhile I just look forward to the 3 month visit to start real food.

I am having a couple of problems. I've been sore. Muscle and joint sore. I am getting plenty of protein and not much exercise. So this problem could just be this old body being ticked off that I'm putting it through all of this. I suppose time will tell. I've only lost 25 pounds so far. I'm far too impatient. If I had lost 25 pounds without the surgery I'd think I moved the earth. Funny how that works.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Wonder why the very day you need a shoulder to lean on all hell breaks loose and you are left lacerated as if by a knife. I don't want to have to prove my strength over and over. I'm done.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

How I am old

I'm a firm believer in starting over. But you have to start over from where you are. And I am working on the phase 1 of my bariatric diet. Liquid. And more liquid. And protein drinks. And more protein drinks. I am reminding myself of some of the things I have read. And forgotten. And every day I'm going to have to remind myself of how I got here. And start over.

Monday, March 3, 2014

One week

I am one week post surgery. I had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy last Monday. I'm amazed about some of the things I've learned. First, the surgery was much easier than I thought it would be. I was up and about and walking at the end of the first day and at the end of the second I had been taken off all IV's and was doing quite well. I received a trio of infusions of iron because I've been really anemic all my life and we need to fix it. I learned to give myself shots in my abdomen for breaking up any blood clots that appear. It turned out to be no big deal. I talked in my semi-sleep and didn't notice what was on TV. I've had to learn not to take big gulps of anything. I've had to learn not to scratch what itches if it's in the region of my stomach. And now the second week begins.

My honeybear went back to work today. He had taken a week off from work to take care of me. And he was wonderful. Except for a few small things. I'm not getting a break from the constant question "are you alright?" and I'm now getting up to do things myself. He fussed at me for not moving around enough and then wouldn't let me get up to get a glass of water. But it was nice to be so well cared for.

I hadn't lost any weight when I got home from the hospital and for a couple of days after. So I've decided to move my scale into the guest bath so I won't be tempted to beat myself up about it and I've decided to only weigh on Sunday morning. If I forget, the next week is soon enough. I've done years of self flagellation about things I don't do right. Enough is enough.

I was exhausted when I got up this morning and went to the grocery store right away because the weather is supposed to get bad and I needed a few things. When I got home I napped and I think I'm ready to move a bit. If anyone says weight loss surgery is the easy way out, they are nuts. It is a good tool to help get control of my body but the ultimate control is mental. Working on that.