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Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm back, and so tickled

I remember in the late 70's or early 80's that there was a TV show in which the oft said thing was "I love it when a plan comes together." And I remember how gorgeous the man who said it was. Do you?

AnywayI have had the top for a fairly long time. Maybe 2 years, maybe more. And I wore it with a pair of black pants. Yawn! So, today, in my quest to make better use of my clothes and to look better doing it, I started looking at it. I realized I do like the pattern, sort of an art deco thing. And I like the colors. And I like the lace on the front. And I like the length,(covers my butt) and I like the fabric, (wash and hang). So what have I been waiting for. First I found I had a pair of pants which goes well with the top. Then I noticed that a sweater(cardigan) that I ebayed from Coldwater Creek matches it. Then there were the shoes(also ebayed and Aerosoles) matched the dark red perfectly. Then the jewelry was there and it all came together. All this time not wearing it. The sweater was a fairly recent purchase, since I started working harder on the blog. And the plan came together.

On Advanced Style, one of my favorite blogs, one of the ladies said she sometimes waited years to find just the right part to complete an outfit. I don't have the patience for that but the way she does it is real eye candy. I didn't buy the sweater to use with the outfit. It just worked out that way. And I now have more reason to put a lot of thought into the purchases. The top was one I really liked when I bought it. But I was lucky it fit. Buying from ebay takes a lot of thought as to fit, use, ease of use, etc. And luck counts.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ruffles, ruffles everywhere

One of the new tops I got at Kohls was a dusty pink totally ruffle covered t top. I would usually have left such an item on the rack but it was on sale, and there were the ruffles. I have avoided pink for a long time, thinking it would make me look washed out. And this time, I actually bought the top in black also. You see I love ruffles but most garments have ruffles down the front and they are often quite large. So no ruffles because of the oversized girls I have on my front. And I worried for a good 2 seconds that the small all over ruffles would make me look fat. But Hey, I am fat.

I also have been looking on Overstock at the flats and I found that some I got several years ago are the same style as the ones I wore with the ruffles. I got a kick out of that. Styles coming back and all. Also there are pics of some of the jewelry. The earrings are Avon and the necklace is Mark by Avon. Avon has terrific jewelry and it lasts forever. When I saw the top a black bead necklace came to mind and I am so glad it works and that I already had one. I have so much jewelry I will be selling quite a bit of it on ebay. I can't believe how much money I spend with no thought at all. You would think I am rich. Well, not so much. I might be if I still had the money I have wasted trying to feel better about myself. Didn't work so good but the blogging is helping lots.

Is it just me

Is it just me or does anyone else try to pronounce the words they give us to OK a comment?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday and the big bad ole cold

Yes, I had a cold, and I still have a cold. But it is amazing what a little(lot)of make-up can do. In the past I have been prone to go into bitchy whiny mode when a cold shows up. Or when I just don't feel good. But they say that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. So I decided to go ahead with the pics and the dressing thing and see if there was any difference. And there was.

Oh sure, I still have the cold. And I am still taking otc's for it. And I still drip, etc. But it didn't hurt me to get up and get dressed and get the hair done and make the bed(that goes with get up and get dressed) and find some jewelry and take some pics. I wish I could say that it turned the cold around and that it is now gone. I would really like to say that. But, oh well. Still have the cold but at least I look better sick than I used to.

I have done some reading of the different blogs on the website. I have discovered a few things. First, skinny jeans look uncomfortable. I am glad I don't have to wear them. Second, the big clunky shoes that are being worn now wouldn't work for me. I can't afford a broken hip. Third, the wonderful ladies of advanced style are great role models but I don't live in NYC, I don't have an extensive wardrobe,(except jewelry), and I don't have any place to go. At least no place that needs things that dressy. Fourth, I don't like hats, on me. They look awesome on the ladies of NYC and on the Style Crone. But I don't like anything that binds. I have a large head and I have a hard enough time getting glasses to fit. Anyway, no hats. And fifth, I have a lot of pretty clothes and I think one thing I needed to accessorise them with was a smile. For some reason I have never been a really smiley person. But with the urging of my blog friends I am working on that too.

So you and your blogs have helped me come to a place where I am OK with me. I am Ok with my attempts at being fashionable. And with your continued help I am going to be a happy camper.

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OK Got a cold.

Got a chest cold. And it's raining and going to snow here. Lovely because I have to go out today. And I am not going to dress up. And I am not going to subject the red nose and eyes to a camera shot. And I am going to wear my huge red fleece coat that I thrifted for 5 dollars so as not to get worse. I look like a big red fuzzy ball in the coat and I love it.

You know how there are things that you have in your history that you remember as if it were yesterday. 53 years ago in the 5th grade I had a tweed straight skirt, now known as pencil skirt) and I wore it with a sweater set. When I look back on that I think I would love to still have that outfit. And that figure. I was pretty well as tall as I am now in the 5th grade.

And when I was in high school I saw a coat at Miller's, (now Dillards) that looked like a big red shag rug with 2 inch wooden buttons. I loved that coat with all my heart and when it went on sale the day after Christmas I was able to get my beloved coat. It was a fun coat, a great memory.

One thing I have fought all my life is the lack or originality in many of my endeavors. I tried to wear high heeled shoes when I was a young woman because I had a friend who wore a lot of Famolare wedge sandals. I lived in Florida at the time and boy was that girl in style. Tight Gloria Vanderbelt jeans with nicely fitted tops and the wedges made her look top of the line. I do envy well.

Then I discovered Vogue Magazine and found out, darn it, that top of the line was nothing like the things I saw in good ole Ft. Myers Fl in the late 60's. Of course the hippie generation was also there to confuse me and I have been confused ever since. I have a terrible problem with short term memory loss and an inability to focus. And if I become interested in something, I throw money at it, purchase everything I could possibly get and wonder why I am not satisfied. Well this fashion blogging thing has taught me one really important thing. What I am not satisfied with is myself, my health, and my body. All the great clothes in the world won't change that and I need to keep up the good work and look further into what will fix the problems.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today I-----

Today I made an attempt to change another of my habits. I had gotten that the shoes and the bag don't have to match. And I had gotten that I am not so great in boxy stuff. But the addition of a new color in the jewelry is a stretch for me. I did go sort of conservative in the color but at least it was an effort. I could have maybe
gone a little wilder but I have time to work on it.

I wore my new sweater from Steinmart and I love it. It's longer in the front than the back. It feels good on. I would like to find a way to combine it with a button blouse.

And Then.........

I am posting a couple of pics of my favorite jewelry pieces. Mostly earrings and rings are what I wear. And I can now wear my dangle earrings. The hair cut permits a view.

Sometimes not so much

Saturday I was just happy. Really happy. I had been shopping. I wore a top in pinky orange and the rest black. But for shopping. It was comfy. As Stacy and Clinton say,"I don't like the word comfy." Well for shopping I love the word comfy. I can't afford high end clothing and I desperately needed bras. I went to Steinmart where there was a sale. The size I need is 42DDD and those were nearly impossible to find. So for a while I will be crammed into the over the shoulder boulder holder and I will probably be gasping for breath.

After hitting up Steinmart, Kohls. Got some tops that are less cutesy and more usable. And I'll be showing them. They are in the smaller of my size range and they will be great to use with sweaters and jackets. And since I sew, they will go down at least a size with me. Hot dog.

Pics are sometimes fun

Friday I wore a totally 80's silk jacket and matching stufffff. I love the jacket, from ebay, because I like the colors and it was 11.00. With shipping. Anyway as usual I had brown slinky pants and brown shoes and there is no way around that. Most of my pants and shoes are black or brown. But I'm trying to expand on that. It is really hard not to stick with what you have done for years. I seem to be in a rut. But the rut is my belly which doesn't like to be mashed by a waistband.

The jewelry is one of the many pieces that I have gotten from the Avon lady I have had for 30 years. I just love her to death.

Friday, January 21, 2011

OMG it's awful

Why,oh why do things look so much better in my bathroom mirror than they do in a picture? The thing is, I like the top I am wearing in the pic but the colors don't help. I would have put make-up on but I was going to the hairdresser(who is wonderful) and I like to wait till afterward. And the necklace I was wearing was/is one of my favorites. But it(the necklace) just doesn't work. I was not a happy camper. I know that necklaces are a little iffy for me for two reasons. One, I have a saggy neck. And two, I have a large bust. I think the second problem is one of the reasons I don't wear scarves much. They might hide the neck, but they can make the bust appear even larger.

Anyway, I cannot get rid of the necklace. I love the color combinations and the way it is set up. And I don't want to wear it as is. So now I have straightened the memory wire it is on and I am going to get some small ribbon or a chain and add to it. I would rather have the ribbon but I haven't seen what I want so we'll see. If that doen't work I will restring it. I do have all of the needed stuff for that. But it is a pain to get everything back to just the way it was.

I can wear necklaces but they need to be at least 22 inches and long ones are the best. If I wear long ones I can wear short ones with them as long as they aren't too short. As I have said before, I have loads of jewelry. I just gave away a large plastic bag to a charity thrift store. I might be able to see my donated jewelry sometime when I am thrifting.

I am going to take some pics today but I am running so behind.

Jewelry tip--If you have pieces of jewelry that you really like and they are either tarnishing or showing wear, and if you don't like that look, clear nail polish is a wonderful solution. The moving parts must be kept moving so jangle the piece around while it dries. And if you don't like the look, wipe with a lightly saturated tissue and remover.

Another jewelry tip--look for necklace extenders. I have a collection now and they really come in handy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photography and my fashion image

I have uploaded two pics of a black and white top under which I am wearing a black cami. This is the first time I have worn a cami. But the thrifted top needed help. I also have my slinky pants on. I wish I could have jeans or something but I have no pants but the slinky ones. I know I need to do something about that. I have a large(huge) stomach and at this time I don't have muscle tone anywhere except maybe my chewing muscles. One of the comments mentioned that the slinky pants make me look larger. I know after looking at the pics that it is true. I suppose I am afraid to try on any other sort of pants. If the waist is too tight, it hurts my back. That being said, I am working out some exercises to try at home until I overcome my fear of the gym. (No clothes for that either.)

I also went to the fabric store today and bought some patterns. Time to do some sewing to tide me over till I can get into some decent pants.

I have hated my body so much that I wouldn't try on clothes. At all. Anywhere. Even in my own home. I would purchase the slinky stuff from HSN and tops several places where I would walk into the woman's dept, pick up some stuff, look at it, guess if it will fit, bring it home and try to wear it. Some has gone straight to Goodwill if I can't return it. Because I was getting bright colors and some cute tops I thought I looked good. But the problem was; standing in front of the bathroom mirror gave me a poor perspective on how I look as a whole. When my kids told me I had a flat behind, I thought they were kidding.

I have also tried to draw attention away from the body and clothes by having cute shoes, interesting handbags, and fantastic jewelry. And I do have a lot of pretty jewelry. But I even messed up there by not trying to match it to things I have before purchase. So I have a ton of jewelry that doesn't go with anything.

The second set of pics has a jacket I fell in love with on ebay. Now there is a good place to shop for certain things. I have gotten several jackets there for low prices. I think I paid $14 with shipping for this one. All I have to do now is to come up with some decent pants. And a waist. The earrings I am wearing in the pic are from Avon and I have had them well over 20 years. Love them

I was reading a fashion magazine which did an article about a jewelry designer. I know the advice she gave probably won't mean much to young women. She said,"Don't wear jewelry that can be seen across the table. Wear jewelry which can be seen across the room." Love it!!!

Thanks for listening.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I should have done this years ago.

I have learned more about myself in the last 2 weeks than I did in 65 years. I am so happy that I found the fashion blogs. I think I am following about 100 of them. It all started with Advanced Style and there is a reason that one got me. The people in the blog pics are wonderful looking and have a passion for life that is really inspiring. Ari Seth Cohen is terrific for putting so much time into this. I had descended in to old age hell before finding the blog.

I have a lot in pain now and there isn't much I can do about it except have surgery so I am concentrating on other things. I did LaMaze prepared childbirth and learned to use my mind to block out pain to a certain extent. (I had an almost 11 pound baby without anesthetic.) But that is not the point. The point is that I learned that some pain and depression caused by pain can be dealt with by finding things to be passionate about and taking the mind away from the pain. I have chosen several things to be passionate about. One of them is the improvement of my appearance and of my body. I am going to see what can be done about the weight, the pain, the BP, Cholesterol, the muscle loss, the eating habits, the fashion, and the way I present myself in general. I am going to make myself get out more and I will keep on taking the pics. But I must admit--- before I buy any more clothing I will be taking a much closer look at what I am wearing now. I think you can truthfully say I am stuck in a rut.

I also am more interested in looking at the pics I am posting and seeing, really seeing, what the things I am wearing really look on me. The sublimation top in two of the pics is a favorite of mine because I love the colors. It looks simply awful on me. I have been in the habit of purchasing clothes that I have not tried on. If it looks big enough and I like the colors, I will wear it. If you like the top, it is a 3X and will soon be on ebay. It tells me that I am not looking at myself with a critical eye. I can criticize others for how they dress. And I do. But not looking critically at myself has been a huge mistake. It is a mistake I want to fix.

I colored my hair darker. I love the look of really short hair and done in white blonde. I love the long hair. I look bad in really light blonde hair. It makes me look older. Because it's close to gray I guess. Anyhow, I decided to change and I did it. I am getting it cut again Thursday. I can't wait. The hairdresser I go to is truly wonderful.

The outfit I wore day before yesterday is simply a button down ethnic top. Again, I love the colors and I wore an orange necklace with it. Orange has not been one of the colors I wore so it is new in my wardrobe. The top however is an old one and has many colors to accesorize with. I look at the pics and the orange pops more than I thought it would and I like that. The pics are really helping me to see what is really there.

I really can't list where I got the clothes I wore in the pics because I have had some of them so long that I don't remember. I will tell when I get something new and I'll try to remember some of the things I already have.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm still here

I think I am beginning to learn that camera. I can't figure out why, even after a class, I am still a camera idiot. I purchased a PHD(push here dummy) camera, then another, and still another. I'm still not getting what I want on film. And that doesn't just refer to the subject matter. The format and clarity are a problem too. I'm photographing some things for ebay. I really want them to look good. I won't buy on ebay or craig's list if there isn't a pic.

By the way, I do have feet. Great large gangling size 10's. You never see them in a pic because I don't yet know how to take one with both ends in the shot. Still working on it. Before all is said and done I will probably read all of the words off the pages of the instruction book.

Today I am wearing a favorite top of mine and it is a favorite because the sleeves are long enough and it shows none of my figure. I have the requisite slinky knit pants on and with the top I have matching earrings and rings. I will begin asap to take pics of my jewelry. I have some wonderful pieces and I am proud of them. I also have several terrific bags which I'll photograph separately. The weather here is so cold today that I don't want to get out and run around. It is in the 25 degree range so I am staying home. I'm looking forward to the 40's at the end of the week, even though it is going to rain.

I have been eating a little more properly the last couple of days. My lovely daughter has lost 51 pounds with low fat dieting. I have a real problem with that. Oh, I do like a lot of the low fat foods but I need protein to keep going and then there's bacon. Bacon. And I do love bacon. So I have decided to try a new tack. I will eat bacon. And then at the same time I will eat a large serving of fat free food and some fruit. It should even out then. Christy keeps her fat below 30% and I think that is fine. It seems healthy. My downfall comes when my fat free foods are high in white flour and white sugar. Sweets. I could eat cookies, cake, and ice cream all the time. Working on that problem too.

Well, time to let the dogs out. Later.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aren't puppies fun?

I am having a hard time

I'm having a hard time with the photos. I don't know how to do a good photo and I don't have a knowledgeable helper. So I'll just struggle along with what I know and try to learn.

I am also having a hard time with this crummy cold cold cold weather. Instead of getting dressed properly and taking time to go out and do something, I am throwing on the warmest and snuggliest things I can find----- all at once. I look like a fairly clean hippo. But I am warm. The knee, back, and hip are all thanking me for taking such good care of them.

I love the fact that I can read the blogs of those folks who do take the time and effort to go out. And some even photograph themselves with their indoor outfits in the snow. To them I say Huzzah. And I stay in my nice almost warm home.

I have gone to the trouble to check out the wardrobe, and to chuck anything I don't love. And I have found that most of the things I own are slinky knits that are not at all structured. And just about everything looks alike. I have a few hidden pieces that I am going to check out,(when it's warmer). And I also found I didn't have a winter coat. No boots either. I got rid of them about 3 months ago. It hadn't snowed in years. That sort of reminds me of the car washing right before a rain thing. Anyway, I have some scarves but no boots. I was able to find a resale shop that had their winter stuff on sale. I purchased my first fleece garment. It is a huge bright red winter coat in a size larger than I wear. $5. And it's in great shape. I plan to lose weight. So it will be really big. But for $5 I can stand it.

Now on to that losing weight thing. I have planned to lose weight for 32 years. And right now I am bigger than I have ever been. Damn but I hate it. I lost some weight last year but I think I have gained it back. I have the typical figure of a woman planning to have a heart attack. And I am amazed at how many books, Doctors, articles, DVD's, and tv shows there are to sell me on a way to lose weight. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low thyroid, acid reflux, and I am depressed. Do you wonder why? I also have back, knee, and hip problems. I am just about ready for the Boston Marathon. Actually I am in need of an exercise program that won't kill me. So Monday, I am going to the gym. Come H or high water. But not snow or ice.

Apathy is a deadly disease and I wonder if I can beat it. We'll see!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today and day before yesterday

On January 4 I wore the black pants and sweater with the yellow top. I like that outfit because I like the yellow for its Spring appearance. The black is something I wear a lot because I think it hides some of the weight I am carrying. Well at least I thought so. I have spinal stenosis which makes my back hurt often and especially when I have walked a lot. I also have a torn menuscus(?) in my knee, likewise painful. In 2010 I had followed my wonderful daughter on a diet. I must have lost it somewhere because at last count she has lost 51 pounds and I am scared to weigh.

I have a significant other who is significantly younger than I am. He is also slim and good looking. So I wanted to think that I could improve the looks of the age difference. I find that though we have been together for over 21 years I still don't feel totally comfortable in pics with him. Anyway, I have indulged myself in some clothing, jewelry, shoes(not a weight issue) and handbags(also not a weight issue). I had thought that the things I had help me to look younger and more interesting. You see, by not allowing photos to be taken of me, I could sort of fool myself.

Because of the health issues I have allowed myself become fat enough to have a whole other person residing in my body with me. Those same health issues could have been a good reason to leap at the chance to lose pounds. Instead I have stayed home, sat on my ever-growing gluteus, and used food as a way to keep from dying from boredom. Yes, I eat when I am bored. And I am bored because I am fat and lazy. Sort of a Catch-22.

My sigother got me a puppy. For Christmas. And it is the opposite of what we had decided on. She is going to be big and not a lap dog. But I now wonder if the need for her to exercise won't be good for me too.

There are lots of New Year's Resolutions listed in the terrific blogs I've been reading. But there are two that I believe will help me in the quest to get better. One is to get out of the house. Every day if possible. And go somewhere there are people, not just to the post office. The other is to purge. I have so many outfits/clothes that I am jam packed in my closet and I hope that ebay can help me out. I have not been selling stuff there so this year will be a learning experience for me.

It is hard to find role models for me fashion wise. The majority of the people my age(65) who are trying to involve fashion in their lives are thin. Obviously I am not thin at all. The majority of those trying to enjoy fashion while heavy are much younger than I am. I have begun reading the fashion, vintage, repurposing blogs and I would look just plain awful on the uniform of the season- skinny jeans, boots, t-shirt, sweater,belted. I can't even find a belt to go around my waist right now. I love the so wonderful print dresses and skirts. I hate tights and panty hose. I find them constricting. I am pretty much confined to flats and/or very low heels.

I think, given the parameters I am working with, I will have to build up my own sense of style and my own path to health and weight loss. So far, apathy has not worked. One of the additional resolutions I am going to work on is getting my waist down to the point that I can wear a belt.

I thank anyone who posts suggestions.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Times, new habits

I have gone through my whole life hating to have my picture taken. So that is one thing I am trying to work on.

I would also want to work on having a better attitude toward my looks, my body, my size no matter what it is.

I would like to work on improving my wardrobe so I don't look like my mother.

I would like to improve the first impression I make.

I would like to wake up by the end of the year and be happy about what I see in the mirror.

Any suggestions are really welcome.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New New

Hello everyone! Are you excited by the new year? I am. I have some new projects that I either had not thought of or had put off for one reason or another. I will be posting pics and hopefully learning a lot from them. Please everyone who has not made resolutions just remember that if you were doing something that caused a problem you CAN stop doing it and things will improve. That is part of what I will work on this year. And we will see how things turn out.