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Monday, February 28, 2011

Things that make you go OMG

I just became aware on the blog Exploring the Art of Polymer Clay of the existence of GreenOak Creations. They are selling the most amazing things on Etsy, a sales site for all things vintage, hand made, or just beautiful. This is the epitome of beautiful and stunning all in one.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I tried

I tried a bathroom shot. Too much light with flash, not enough without. I think I'll try something else next time. Anyway, I had found a great short sleeve green jacket that I paired with tan pants and cami. I love the outfit and it's something I wouldn't h ave had the nerve to try before the blog. I knew the jacket was really cute when I found it at Steinmart but didn't wear it for the longest time. Next I am looking for an outfit for a couple of other things I haven't had the nerve to wear.

I am also showing a couple of pics of bags I got for 6 dollars each at the thrift store. Both brand names and both in perfect shape. I went to another store today and found a cute dress(I don't have any dresses) and jeans jacket that will be great with the orange bag. It seems that this weekend I have been really lucky on the shopping, 3.75 for the dress and 1.00 for the jacket. I love thrifting and I wouldn't have learned to enjoy it without the wonderful blogs I have been reading.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's coming

The color season is coming. And I couldn't be happier. The outfit from the runway pairs just the mix of blues that says "Wake up and say hello to warm weather". I would love to find pieces in those colors because I think they are really happy colors.

I also love this jacket and would love to have it with some gold, mustard, or deep yellow pants or with a yellow top and dark pants. With this color combo a smile would be really easy to come by.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We need grass seed

I am going to Lowe's today. For grass seed. It seems Spring has come, sort of. It's still cool but supposed to be in the 60's today. Yipeeeeeee!

I'm wearing my old standby slinky stuff. But I saw a green necklace on HSN on one of the hosts and she was wearing it with black pants and a black button down collared shirt. I went bonkers over it. Jumped on ebay and purchased a similar(much less expensive)necklace. And in other colors. But of course I don't have a tiny figure, nor a button down black shirt. At a loss I decided to hang onto it because it is pretty. Well, after the blogging thing started I saw other bloggers (thank you) taking inspiration from looks they like and using them in their own way. So I finally decided to try that. You see, the pants, top, sweater, and necklace are all from HSN and have been purchased on sale over the last few years. I simply saw the pants, thought of the necklace and went from there. See, I finally did it. I came up with a way to wear the terrific green in my own way. Hot dog.

And I am going to continue to scour the blogs for color combos that I like. Ari Smith Cohen had a teal/gold, teal/yellow combo on The Sartorialist that looks like a super season spanner. And I would love to find that option in my closet. Must delve deeper. Or----buy. Gulp. The combo could slide into turquoise and yellow for deep summer. All using seasonless things. Wouldn't that add to the options.

All in all, I am glad to be back in the land of the living after the horrendous cold I had. I can remember when getting over illness or injury was no big thing. Well no more. And I have decided that on the days I don't look decent enough to photograph I can at least post some of the spectacular jewelry and purses that I have. After all, I did blow a lot of money on the stuff. Now I need to learn to photograph jewelry.

Happy Spring everybody. I am overjoyed to see the last of the 20's.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is a brown day.

The sun is hiding again. Still. And I was going to do something a little dressier but today is a going to the dump day. Forget pearls. No dressing up. Brown. Actually I have wanted to wear the top for a long time. It is a bunch of pretty colors and I love it. So today I put it on with brown. After all it is dump day.

Get a load of the hot truck I am standing in front of. It is a Ford 250 diesel with running lights. It is technically his but I am driving it today. Power and more power. Big. Just getting in is a challenge. And it makes me feel great. Until I have to put the thing into a parking spot. Or pay for diesel fuel. Talk about a way to be brought down to earth.

Monday, monday

It was so warm last week that I think I am seeing the last of the cold. And of course the first of the allergies. How the heck am I supposed to know the difference?

The outfit I am wearing is the result of the attempt to change my wardrobe some. The shirt came from ebay with a sleeveless sweater to match. I adore the color. The sweater absolutely positively doesn't fit. The shirt is a little snug but as I said, I love the color. And the cami type shirt under is a buy from the thrift store orig by Liz Claiborne. I never wore sleeveless things because of the upper arms looking so bad. But with a blouse it worked out well. Anyway. I love the color. I have some ebay jewelry on and I'm satisfied with the outfit. On the lower half nothing is happening. Nothing. Until I can come up with some reason to photograph my belly and butt the nether region will remain a mystery.

In puppyville, Cheyenne continues to grow. She is a great big rambunctious pooch so this week it is to the store for a leash and collar. Then walkies. Good for both of us. You notice I didn't say we were going for a pull. She and I will work that out. I refuse to chase a dog. Actually I'm so out of shape I couldn't chase a dog if my life depended on it. So we will work it out.

This week also we are to have cool weather and some rain. I'm going to start scouting out good places to take pics so I don't bore anyone to death. I life in perhaps the most beautiful part of the USA. There will be pictorial proof soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

But not today

Drat. I so wanted to be able to continue the posting of some of my outfits. But the cold of my century laid me low. I not only don't feel like taking pics. I don't feel much like getting dressed. I am much better today. But that is still not back to normal by a long shot.

I've looked back at some of the posts and I am learning some stuff. First, I know how to turn on the camera and make it wait till I get into the picture. And I know how to get it to stay on the dollar tripod I thrifted. Luck counts dontcha know? And I know how to take some pics other than the stand there and look dumb shots. Those are what I usually do. Sometime between the pushing of the button and getting settled in front of the camera, I forget what I had planned to do.

I tend to take everything at face value. If a lot of women are wearing skirts or jeans, shirts, cardi's belted and boots, then I suppose I should be wearing them too. Yeah right. It does give me a visual to shoot for. But I have gotten far more from the blogs I read than that. I have actually learned to put myself into the vision and see how I would look in that outfit. And make adjustments to that outfit to make it work for me. Or I can now visualize the clothes I have on me better and tell more about what works and what doesn't. Wow is that ever big. It means I am going from a person who purchased clothing just because it would go on to a person with some ability to pick and choose. What a savings that will be for me in the long run. So, now I am going to go back and lay down and continue trying to get over the cold. Then we'll see.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love this top

But it doesn't make me look smaller does it?

Sometimes all you can do is

Sometimes all you can do is never wear that again. The green pants goes nicely with the light green T which is actually too big for me and I don't like it. And I love the orange sweater because it covers and keeps my bum warm. But I will never, I repeat never wear that outfit again. That is the true benefit of taking photos of outfits. Talk about facing the truth!!!

Again the weight is an issue for me. I am so not good at exercise. But through reading the blogs and magazines, and through having time to think about things I came to a conclusion. I just realized this body is my most important asset. That of course includes mind and personality, etc. So why have I been avoiding taking care of it all of these years. It was a true aha moment for me so I called my youngest daughter. I asked her what is the most important thing you own? She said, me. She at 32 knows something I hadn't realized till 65. And boy have I been abusing this body. So now I have some rethinking to do. And thank goodness the time to do it.

I wore red

And you can imagine my surprise when I realized that I had no red tops. I found one later but that's another story.

Hello, It's me

I have to apologise. My computer is shared with my sigother, a really cute guy who loves to play computer games, morning till night. So sometimes, if I am really slow to get the pics onto the computer it means he beat me to it.

In the pics today I am showing a top I got at Kohls and haven't worn. I like the color combo though I do think it is a bit messy. I also think it is a bit tight. So with the sweater from ebay over it, I'm happy. I included a jewelry group. The bracelets I made myself. The rings are bought inexpensively and I don't remember where. I'm not too attached to the outfit. I have to fight myself sometimes to know whether it's the outfit I don't like, the way I look in it, or the fat that I still hate. And I have certainly discovered that when I am not smiling in pics, I look mad. I have to pay attention to that.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold and Windy outside but.........

Inside I am dressed to go out. And I am not leaving the house till late afternoon. For a really short time. This time when the weatherperson said there would be wind advisory it actually happened. And I'm not complaining. There is not a bit of snow on the ground. So it definitely could be a lot worse.

I still have my cold but for the most part meds are doing a good job. I was able to get out to the movie yesterday. The Black Swan is a terrifically acted, terrifically produced and terrifically intense movie. It isn't the sort of film that makes me leave the theater grinning. It is definitely a movie that is a contender for the drama awards. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis were terrific, stunning. It is so nice to go out when the movie is good and the weather isn't offensive. So of course I took no pics. I'm not used to this photographing everything.

Today, as I said, I am dressed to go out. All I have to do is add a coat and I am ready to move. However, not till later. I have on my staples, brown slinky slacks, walmart sweater. This sweater is not a sweater but a knit top made cardi fashion. It washes like a dream and I also have it in black. I'm wearing a top I got a Dress Barn. Exciting huh? They actually have some cute plus size things and the plus size market here isn't good. The shoes are xhileration ebay. The jewelry is some Avon, Lane Bryant, HSN, and jewelry store. I spent so long changing sizes that jewelry was the focus because it doesn't shrink.

I sometimes wonder what I am doing by dressing up on a day I won't be seeing anyone. But you know, I do feel better. I feel more free because if I do go out I won't need to hide. And because the mirror tells me I look pretty good. Yeah!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't you ever

Oh please please please never let anyone tell you that being a puppy mommy is easy. Cheyenne is a mixed breed. She is everything we said we didn't want in a dog. And she is definitely not the breed, size, shape, etc I was looking for. But just look at those eyes. When I move around she either follows me or turns those blue spotlights on me. I melt.