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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello today.

I'm sitting inside this week. I am loving the weather. It's raining again, and I am truly grateful. The summer before last we had a drought and were 14+ inches down on rainfall for the year. The temps were often 100+. This year, lots of rain and temps in the 80's. Again I am surprised at how much the weather affects me. As I said I stay in. I need to grocery shop. Not what I would prefer to do in the rain. But the animals are really low on food. In fact, now, instead of begging, they are becoming mean, sort of. Of course I get mean when I am hungry too. So today, off to the store in the rain. Fun?

The Creagers have listed an amazing set of dolls on ebay. The latest in their wonderful productions features 2 dolls and lots of purchases for the lady. Their talent and ability is amazing.

I hear that the Halloween holiday is fast approaching and I haven't done anything to get ready for it. I used to hate Halloween because I saw it as a time for jerks to do bad things and maybe get away with it. But having gone to many of the blogs about Halloween I am finding myself seeing the fun of it. I personally must have some fantasy in my life or I go bonkers. And at 64 years old and ++++ pounds bonkers is not an attractive look for me. So I am so pleased to have the blogs to remind me of the other world.

I am wondering if I have a boring life. I got a laptop yesterday. I feel as if someone has given me the world. Computers do open up to a whole different world but this is ridiculous. I already have a computer. Oh, well, maybe I'm just easy to please.

This weekend I was planning to go to garage sales and look for mini stuff and for fabrics, etc. It's raining.

Hello today. Judy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I broke down and purchased the DVD of Coraline yesterday. I watched it and fell in love. There are some really interesting figures in it and there are some dark parts. I got 3D glasses with it and I'm going to watch the 3D version today. What a kick! I haven't seen a 3D movie in years and years and now it's coming back. During my formative years about horror movies the Blob kept my feet off the floor in the theater. Someone let 3 birds loose in the theater during the Hitchcock movie The Birds, and I screamed with everyone else at the creature from the Black Lagoon. I loved the Dracula movies and the monster flicks like the ones from Japan. All in all, compared with today's films, they were great for the time. Except for the part about killer tomatoes.

So today I am really enjoying the fantasy and horror stuff. Not the slice and dice stuff that my honey loves. I like the imaginative Potterish stuff. I'm not scared to go into the water. I am not stupid enough to walk through a dark and nasty part of town alone at night, let alone the deep woods.

I think the things that scare me now are the scary things that really could happen. Madmen, serial killers, bombings, nuclear stuff, etc. are all real enough horrors in our world. These things send me back to the fantasy world in a hurry. Judy

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am wondering if anyone else gets the urges that I get. When I travel to another person's home and I come home, the first thing I want to do is clean my own house. I know I get ideas from others but this goes deeper than that. This goes to dirt. Of course it's fun to redecorate. And just moving a few things around can make a huge difference. But more than that, I guess I notice what other people will see if they are in my house. So I came home and started cleaning.

My Florida visit was wonderful. I got to see both my daughters and my son-in-law, who is just a doll. I also saw Marlee and Kingston, grandchildren. And I got to visit Eric's(son-in-law) Mom and her husband John. There I saw a true green thumb at work. I just don't know how to grow things like that. I forget to water, etc. They live in St Mary's Ga and the town is simply beautiful. I would move there in a heartbeat. Eric's Mom has transformed the outside of the house into a wonderland that is often visited by neighborhood raccoons, birds, etc. And the inside is a relaxing southern home. I always feel good there.

Anyway, after I got home to the welcome of the century from my VSO(very significant other) Brian, I felt the need to rest so I did. Then as I was taking my rest, I could suddenly see the dust bunnies, dirty windows, etc and it was time to start. I am happy to say things are going well in the studio now that I have found the work table again. And I got a couple of books on tape because my brain needs some meaningful noise to work. So Hi Ho, Here we go. I am excited to get back to work. I have trouble switching gears as I get older and so when expecting grandchild, that is where my focus was. But now, freedom from the large stressors of the last few months has left me really happy. Thanks to all of you for listening. Judy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My baby girl Cathy had baby Kingston on my birthday. Wow!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going away

Friday morning before the crack of dawn I'll be heading out to visit the new grandbaby and his parents and sister. It is a 9 hour trip during which I usually listen to books on CD. It keeps me awake. But at any rate I'll be away for 4-5 days. I will miss my computer. I never thought an inanimate object would be such a large part of my life. But this blogging thing and the super people and the things I've learned have become a big part of my day.

A bunch of things are coming up now. Memories of my childhood, and my children as babies. I loved having them and being a mother has been the best thing I ever did. I am an only child and thank goodness I had 3 children. So I am enjoying my memories of the kids and will have a few pics of the newest when I get back from my trip. What a joy it is that they are all well.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Kingston Eric Eng was born at 2:58 pm. He weighed 8 lb 12 oz and is 21 inches long. His mother and father are fine and so is Kingston. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

Out there

My thoughts are out there all over the place. My baby daughter is in Jacksonville, Fl.(I'm not in Jacksonville)and she is in the hospital right now having a baby boy and I am not there though my whole mind is there. The lovely son-in-law has been texting me and so I feel as if I know mostly what's happening. Kingston, my grandson, is to be born today, and it is my 64th birthday. That being said, it is even more unusual because I had my son on my mother's birthday. So that is quite a big deal to me. But all I seem to think about right now is if my daughter and the baby are OK. What I would really like would be to have a video feed right to my tv or computer. Wow. I am nervous. And I am praying for a good outcome with all of my soul.

Friday, July 3, 2009

This one has to last.

We took another trip Wednesday to the Cherokee National Forest. My honey goes back to work Monday after being laid off for quite a spell. However we still had to go back to the mountains and we took the opportunity to enjoy nature. It had rained there so the road wasn't dusty. The water was it's usual clear cool perfection. We looked for crawdads, fish, etc. Found a large number of what we call sucker fish in one section of the river. Actually there are 3 rivers that we enjoyed and again went to Green Cove Lake.

I was having a wonderful time when I discovered a rock to sit on. Unfortunately I didn't examine it well enough. I sat down and promptly fell right over. On my side. Hand in the water. Thank goodness Brian was there to drag me up. I hate being this out of shape. Then later I was taking some pics and went to step back over a fallen tree and this time fell flat on my face. I thought I'd broken both myself and the camera but thank goodness nothing was broken. The camera and I were both scraped and I was to become sore everywhere. So now I'm nursing my wounded pride and lots of sore spots. Oh well, back to exercising next week.

I was able to pick up a piece of vine and some other odds and ends of moss, etc. I want to use them on my dolls and the witch house I'm hoping to build. I know they need to be dried out. That is going to be hard because they are so pretty I can't help watering them. I would like a terrarium I think. Anyway I am going to try to use some of the stuff and will point out things as I work. As I said Brian will be back at work Monday and I will work more here. I seem to want to do things with him when he is home.

I'll explain one pic. There were two wire ropes across the river and he just had to try them. Nuff said.