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Sunday, July 8, 2012


My excitement level is rising. Big time.
1.There is now a Charming Charlies store within a few miles of me. Been there twice in the last week and a half. This could get dangerous. But Oh, what fun to go there. It's in the Turkey Creek area of West Knoxville. I've seen a lot of Charming Charlie accessories on the fashion blogs. And I'm now able to see them in person. Yippee!!
2.There will soon be 2 Publix stores within easy driving distance. My oldest daughter is at a Publix in Jacksonville. She has given me a tour and I am impressed. Yippee!!
3.I signed up for the Humana Silver Sneakers program at the YMCA. There is a pool. I'm a 100% water lover. Can't wait.
4.I have found my neck. I must have lost some pounds. It was hidden but now it's back. I knew I had gained a lot of weight just before the diabetes diagnosis. It's harder to lose it now but I am making progress.
5.I turned 67 yesterday and my honey gave me beautiful flowers and the best best cards(3). It's ok to get older when you feel you are moving in a better direction.
I am so grateful for my doctor, my diabetes helpers, my honey and my children, etc. And for the opportunity to improve my life.

Have a good day and try not to melt in this heat.