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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well, it has been a while. My grandson is 4 months old and 17 pounds. My oldest daughter has a good job and an apartment. I have been supervising work being done on the house and complaining about my poor, underpowered computer which works only once in a while. Of course I have to take over the boyfriends computer when I need to do something. I haven't done much else.

I lost the creative spark while I worked on finances and repairs to the house. I have discovered I can't create when I am worried about money. Somehow the worry shuts down the process. It makes me crazy so I try to hide and not think about it. I am sure that once the money situation is improved, I can be crazy about something else. I have missed all of the wonderful blogging crown. You are terrific. But I hate letting people know that sometimes I just lose it. And on top of that, You are all so good that I wouldn't be satisfied with my work. Anyway. There are so many things to do that I had best get started.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missed Monday

I have trouble scheduling myself to tell me what day it is. He stayed home yesterday so it was Sunday. Now it's Tuesday. I think. I hope.

I just realized this is 101 blog.

I just realized this is a good day to do laundry and to finish up a doll I've been working on.

I just realized that I am finally waking up. It's only 10:45. There is a really good reason not to take sleeping pills late at night. You wake up at 10:45 after being out of bed at 7. I went grocery shopping. Wonder what I bought!!!!!

I have grown to love the wonderful coolness of the mornings. Fall seems to be around the corner here. Such a change from the usual dog days of summer. Today there isn't much sun so it should stay relatively cool. And after all, one can sculpt on the porch in the swing.

Loves to everyone. I am having a great day. Judy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am Victorious

I received Victor from Mealy Monster Land. He is such a sweet monster with his little dolly. I am impressed that something called a monster can be so cute.

I've been cleaning. Spring cleaning. Always the procrastinator, I am now Spring cleaning. The times that I see things that need to be done and I don't do them just build and build till I actually work. I've always thought work was a bad word. Something I so don't like doing. That makes it hard to think of art work as real work. I know my ex didn't. Anyway, the linen closet is next on the list of things that bother me most. And then the guest bathroom. I have few guests. So I rarely go in there. I've decided to make it a frou-frou room for just me. Really pretty. Since he doesn't use it.

Then back to the studio to redo some more things and to begin some more things and them to send some pics to the blog. Loves, Victorious Judy

Friday, August 21, 2009


I got Victor the Mealy Monster today and he is so adorable I have trouble calling him a monster. He will always get to keep his dolly too.

It is a wonderful day today. I feel better than I have in a long time and I hope everyone out there does too. Loves, Judy

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have to wait

I ordered Victor from MealyMonsterLand yesterday and I am beside myself with excitement. The characters of MML have such a lot of character that I enjoy each new one and am not tempted to compare it to the last one. I love to see the creativity that goes into the dolls and ?monsters? and look forward to seeing Victor in person.

Today is Wednesday. I can tell because the condos across the street are being mowed. It's no wonder I lose track of days in the Winter.

Hot here. I hate hot. I hate muggy. There, I am through with hate for the day.

I have to say hello to Nikki and wonder how hubby is doing. I took some time off from the creative process and the blog to read some superb books. I am back in spades. I've kept up with the wonderful things the artists are doing and now I plan to get back to business. So let's go.

Much love, Judy

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going for 100

I have picked up another couple of followers and I welcome them. I am the most fortunate of women. The blogs I follow show me a world of different women and men doing different things in life and being so smart about following their dreams. For some reason, my mind gets more ideas and less impetus than most. Well too bad. Here we go for today.

I am making lists of the things I want to do today and putting up notes.

I have finally cleaned(?) or straightened up the studio. I continue to add things to make the room more interesting for my work. I just yesterday bought an adorable MealyMonster. I can't wait till Victor arrives. I love looking at the Odd Dolls, The Fae, etc. But my dad was a civil engineer and I have a hard time creating something that isn't an attempt at a replica. The blogs are expanding my thinking.

I need some inspiration from those of you who have the artist's equivalent of writer's block. Anyone who has a regular go to place for inspiration, please let me know. I would like to find a niche. Preferably one that no one else has found.

Loves, Judy

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hip, Hip, Hooray

Today is the day. I put the computer in to the studio but it's on a table that is so loose it sways in the wind. So today I'm going to Staples and get a new table to put it on. I will have a stable computer and lots more work room.

The studio is still really disorganized. I have not been able to count organization as one of my strong suits. But here and now I am proclaiming that I will find a way.

I haven't been doing much work in the studio because it is a mess and there is cleaning to do first. But today is the day. I so look forward to making a dent in the mess and getting back to work. So today is the day. Loves, Judy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

O happy day!!!!

I'm a kid with a new toy. Toys. Yup the nerd guy fixed everything. I can now use the computer in the studio, the laptop in the den, or this one in the office which is absolutely screaming fast. Wow. I would love to say the computer is just a periferal part of my life. I try not to lie. Every morning I get up, try to wake up and check the computer. And every morning I am glad that I have this blog to go to because the most interesting people are here. I just can't say enough about the bloggers. What a terrific way to start the day. Loves, Judy

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have decided

I have decided that there is nothing on earth that can make me mad like a computer that won't do what I want it to.Computers, supposed to save time, drive even the most even-tempered people nuts. Not that I know any even tempered people. So buy a computer. Try to get a game from old one to new one. 1 day and 1/2. Try to get the router to work so you can use your old computer. Nope. Got to use the new one that doesn't have all of the good stuff on it. Get a laptop. Hook it up to the modem to connect to the internet. Trying to get the thing ready for use in the studio. Nope. No hook-up. Is it the router or the modem. The liklihood of getting both the cable guy and the computer guy here at the same time is slim to none. So the computer guy is coming today to try again. Odds are he'll blame the cable guy. And then when the cable guy comes he'll blame the computer guy. Then I will have to pay the computer guy more to come back and work on the problem again. So even if I do have 3 computers in this house. One works. And it isn't mine. So I am evolving the list of words I say when angry to symbols because of course I have grandchildren and a really sensitive dog. I have decided progress isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Loves, Judy

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Went to the Transformers movie today. With my Very Significant Other and best friend. I loved the movie. Science Fiction, Fantasy, action, drama. And some really cool vehicles. I did find one problem though. The head good Robot, Optimus Prime, died. Of course not for good. But I found I could be significantly worried about a robot as much as anything else. And I found that when I watch a movie, I get really involved. And I like that about me. Good day Judy

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello today.

I'm sitting inside this week. I am loving the weather. It's raining again, and I am truly grateful. The summer before last we had a drought and were 14+ inches down on rainfall for the year. The temps were often 100+. This year, lots of rain and temps in the 80's. Again I am surprised at how much the weather affects me. As I said I stay in. I need to grocery shop. Not what I would prefer to do in the rain. But the animals are really low on food. In fact, now, instead of begging, they are becoming mean, sort of. Of course I get mean when I am hungry too. So today, off to the store in the rain. Fun?

The Creagers have listed an amazing set of dolls on ebay. The latest in their wonderful productions features 2 dolls and lots of purchases for the lady. Their talent and ability is amazing.

I hear that the Halloween holiday is fast approaching and I haven't done anything to get ready for it. I used to hate Halloween because I saw it as a time for jerks to do bad things and maybe get away with it. But having gone to many of the blogs about Halloween I am finding myself seeing the fun of it. I personally must have some fantasy in my life or I go bonkers. And at 64 years old and ++++ pounds bonkers is not an attractive look for me. So I am so pleased to have the blogs to remind me of the other world.

I am wondering if I have a boring life. I got a laptop yesterday. I feel as if someone has given me the world. Computers do open up to a whole different world but this is ridiculous. I already have a computer. Oh, well, maybe I'm just easy to please.

This weekend I was planning to go to garage sales and look for mini stuff and for fabrics, etc. It's raining.

Hello today. Judy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I broke down and purchased the DVD of Coraline yesterday. I watched it and fell in love. There are some really interesting figures in it and there are some dark parts. I got 3D glasses with it and I'm going to watch the 3D version today. What a kick! I haven't seen a 3D movie in years and years and now it's coming back. During my formative years about horror movies the Blob kept my feet off the floor in the theater. Someone let 3 birds loose in the theater during the Hitchcock movie The Birds, and I screamed with everyone else at the creature from the Black Lagoon. I loved the Dracula movies and the monster flicks like the ones from Japan. All in all, compared with today's films, they were great for the time. Except for the part about killer tomatoes.

So today I am really enjoying the fantasy and horror stuff. Not the slice and dice stuff that my honey loves. I like the imaginative Potterish stuff. I'm not scared to go into the water. I am not stupid enough to walk through a dark and nasty part of town alone at night, let alone the deep woods.

I think the things that scare me now are the scary things that really could happen. Madmen, serial killers, bombings, nuclear stuff, etc. are all real enough horrors in our world. These things send me back to the fantasy world in a hurry. Judy

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am wondering if anyone else gets the urges that I get. When I travel to another person's home and I come home, the first thing I want to do is clean my own house. I know I get ideas from others but this goes deeper than that. This goes to dirt. Of course it's fun to redecorate. And just moving a few things around can make a huge difference. But more than that, I guess I notice what other people will see if they are in my house. So I came home and started cleaning.

My Florida visit was wonderful. I got to see both my daughters and my son-in-law, who is just a doll. I also saw Marlee and Kingston, grandchildren. And I got to visit Eric's(son-in-law) Mom and her husband John. There I saw a true green thumb at work. I just don't know how to grow things like that. I forget to water, etc. They live in St Mary's Ga and the town is simply beautiful. I would move there in a heartbeat. Eric's Mom has transformed the outside of the house into a wonderland that is often visited by neighborhood raccoons, birds, etc. And the inside is a relaxing southern home. I always feel good there.

Anyway, after I got home to the welcome of the century from my VSO(very significant other) Brian, I felt the need to rest so I did. Then as I was taking my rest, I could suddenly see the dust bunnies, dirty windows, etc and it was time to start. I am happy to say things are going well in the studio now that I have found the work table again. And I got a couple of books on tape because my brain needs some meaningful noise to work. So Hi Ho, Here we go. I am excited to get back to work. I have trouble switching gears as I get older and so when expecting grandchild, that is where my focus was. But now, freedom from the large stressors of the last few months has left me really happy. Thanks to all of you for listening. Judy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My baby girl Cathy had baby Kingston on my birthday. Wow!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going away

Friday morning before the crack of dawn I'll be heading out to visit the new grandbaby and his parents and sister. It is a 9 hour trip during which I usually listen to books on CD. It keeps me awake. But at any rate I'll be away for 4-5 days. I will miss my computer. I never thought an inanimate object would be such a large part of my life. But this blogging thing and the super people and the things I've learned have become a big part of my day.

A bunch of things are coming up now. Memories of my childhood, and my children as babies. I loved having them and being a mother has been the best thing I ever did. I am an only child and thank goodness I had 3 children. So I am enjoying my memories of the kids and will have a few pics of the newest when I get back from my trip. What a joy it is that they are all well.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Kingston Eric Eng was born at 2:58 pm. He weighed 8 lb 12 oz and is 21 inches long. His mother and father are fine and so is Kingston. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

Out there

My thoughts are out there all over the place. My baby daughter is in Jacksonville, Fl.(I'm not in Jacksonville)and she is in the hospital right now having a baby boy and I am not there though my whole mind is there. The lovely son-in-law has been texting me and so I feel as if I know mostly what's happening. Kingston, my grandson, is to be born today, and it is my 64th birthday. That being said, it is even more unusual because I had my son on my mother's birthday. So that is quite a big deal to me. But all I seem to think about right now is if my daughter and the baby are OK. What I would really like would be to have a video feed right to my tv or computer. Wow. I am nervous. And I am praying for a good outcome with all of my soul.

Friday, July 3, 2009

This one has to last.

We took another trip Wednesday to the Cherokee National Forest. My honey goes back to work Monday after being laid off for quite a spell. However we still had to go back to the mountains and we took the opportunity to enjoy nature. It had rained there so the road wasn't dusty. The water was it's usual clear cool perfection. We looked for crawdads, fish, etc. Found a large number of what we call sucker fish in one section of the river. Actually there are 3 rivers that we enjoyed and again went to Green Cove Lake.

I was having a wonderful time when I discovered a rock to sit on. Unfortunately I didn't examine it well enough. I sat down and promptly fell right over. On my side. Hand in the water. Thank goodness Brian was there to drag me up. I hate being this out of shape. Then later I was taking some pics and went to step back over a fallen tree and this time fell flat on my face. I thought I'd broken both myself and the camera but thank goodness nothing was broken. The camera and I were both scraped and I was to become sore everywhere. So now I'm nursing my wounded pride and lots of sore spots. Oh well, back to exercising next week.

I was able to pick up a piece of vine and some other odds and ends of moss, etc. I want to use them on my dolls and the witch house I'm hoping to build. I know they need to be dried out. That is going to be hard because they are so pretty I can't help watering them. I would like a terrarium I think. Anyway I am going to try to use some of the stuff and will point out things as I work. As I said Brian will be back at work Monday and I will work more here. I seem to want to do things with him when he is home.

I'll explain one pic. There were two wire ropes across the river and he just had to try them. Nuff said.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Words to live by

Persistence- in all things you really want.

Gratitude- for life, love, beauty, faith, health, and just in general.

Growth- mental, physical, social, spiritual.

Love- FAMILY, friends, those in need, and those who are broken.

Focus- on what needs to be done, on what has been done, on yourself.

Giving- to friends, family, self, the planet.

Protecting- each other, values, nature.

Anticipating- a new day, a new muse, a journey(mental or physical), and anything new.

Participating- In Life.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just another

Saturday the hot of June. It's a good thing that I have an air-conditioner.

I've been looking at different clays for doll making. They aren't cheap.

My Very Significant Other wants to grill steak tonight. I am glad he will be outside and not me.

There are two ways to look at today. Yay I don't have to go outside. Or damn, I don't get to go outside. I'm still working on which one to choose. The weather is supposed to cool some Monday. Good.

One thing I've noticed. When the day is hot like this the clay seems to ooze through my fingers. And not in a good way. My hands are hot and I need to find a clay that doesn't react to this like super sculpey.

I am ready for fall and the super things that drop to the ground that I can pick up and use in my dollmaking.

I'm very much not wordy today. Bye

Friday, June 26, 2009

have you ever?

Have you ever seen two cuter little girls. Emma Rose is 4 and Anabelle is almost 2. My son's girls. I am so grateful that their mom likes to take pictures.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am a parent

This is a pic of my daughter and granddaughter. Marlee, the granddaughter, turned 2 today. I often get memories of the time my children were small. At the time I didn't think there could be anything better than being a Mother. And I still don't. I think I have been the most fortunate of mothers in the world. There were some things that didn't go well for me or for the kids when they were young. But I now lay claim to the most wonderful kids in the world. My oldest daughter has a talent for cooking that has led her to become a chef. She can put foods together that make me drool and she can make them beautiful. She has never considered herself artistic but that is just wrong. Ask anyone who doesn't have that talent and they will tell you.

My wonderful son married the prettiest, smartest, and nicest girl in the world. And they are happy after 14(I think) years with the 4 year old Emma Rose and the almost 2 Anabelle. Their children are such their own people, they have taken the best from both parents. They are a beautiful family.

Cathy and Eric, my youngest daughter and really cute son-in-law are the parents of Marlee and soon Kingston. My youngest daughter has managed to be one of the prettiest and nicest people ever and is terrifically pragmatic and level-headed. Her husband is the only laid back type A personality I've ever met. A terrific family.

If I ever considered myself anything less than an artist I certainly know better now. I have not formed these wonderful people but I did contribute to them. I helped them learn lots of things about life both directly and indirectly. I loved them to distraction and I still do. Creativity is making something, helping to make something, teaching something, showing something, etc. I am creative and I am an artist.


Welcome to Christy Carpenter, the greatest chef that ever went into a kitchen. If you recognize the name, yep, she's one of mine.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Adrianne Moro has joined my blog. Thanks ever so much. I am trying to become a true dollmaker and need all the help I can get.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I've learned some things.

Fabri Tac is really sticky. Don't open the bottle and drop it.

Swimming is good for the body and the mind................ I hope.

Having a dog in the vet hospital is worrisome. She will come home today.

I hate hot, humid days.

There is less good stuff on TV on hot, humid days. The really good stuff only comes on
when there is something else to do.

Some days I have a mind. Some days I don't.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doing something about it.

I am a skinflint. I never thought I was until I tried to salvage some of the figures that I have not been able to make work. Already baked, they just made me mad every time I thought about finishing them. So I have beaten myself to death over the waste and kept them with the idea of completing them.

No more!!!!!I have decided to pitch what I don't like and start some more. Between the time I did the first set of figures, I have learned so much and gotten so much help that I think I will be able to do better now. So I am starting some new figures and will finish the old ones that I like. And I'll take pics and post them.

Friday, June 19, 2009


One of my best friends had surgery yesterday. Her name is Shadow and she is my 12 year old standard Poodle. She is the most loving and nicest person I have known in years. She never gets angry and has the patience of Job. And I love her. Glory be, she made it through the surgery. There was a question since she has very low platelets. She is resting at the hospital today and I will pick her up tomorrow. That is good news number one.

Good news number 2 is the fact that I can breathe. I never knew how very much I appreciate air till I started swimming for exercise. I joined the YMCA and started swimming Monday. I have not exercised for about 20 years. I have, however, eaten as if I were exercising for the last 20 years. My body is totally out of control. And I am trying to get it back. So the down and back in the pool has a reason. Back in the day I could actually swim 1500 yards and not think much about it. Ha! I am swimming 450 now with large amounts of gasping in between. I have a back problem and decided that running, etc, is not for me. I figured that with all of the blubber I have I would float. And I do. But floating is just not enough. I actually have to move some things to get through the water. So I did.

A huge surprise was that I went to swim very early in the morning, feeling very virtuous and lo and behold, there were already people there. Virtue is not going to work as a reason to continue. And then I got the truly wonderful benefit. I had not thought that I would feel better for a while. Amazingly, I already have more energy and more breath. Woopee!!!!! I came home and worked in the studio. Now I'm ready to clean it again and continue. Amazing!!!

I have taken the wonderful advice to heart when it comes to hair for my dolls. I'm going to get Fabri Tac and work on hair. I am getting more and more interested in the personalities of the dolls themselves. I had been looking at making the dolls as a great way to have something to do. I have read lots of books and learned a lot of stuff. But now I am thinking more about who the dolls are and what they need to look like they have a reason to be. Some dolls are just beautiful. I can't do beautiful yet but I am beginning to understant about the stories that go with the dolls. What a new thing for me. How super it is to be able to make up stories. And it does make me want to work some more on the dolls.

I am just tickled to be around to do the things I am doing. And more than grateful for the support I get.

Good day to everyone. Judy

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More hair.

I seem to not be clear. Which is like me because I have tried to do too much lately. I am trying to attach wool, alpaca, etc. Basically any hair I can get. I got a pelt of auburn animal hair that feels like wool. I cut some off, put glue on the head, stuck the hair down and now I am going to take it off if I can because it looks like a mess. Either I am using the wrong technique or the wrong glue or the wrong amount of hair or something. It makes me want to take a class but there aren't any around here. It is just bugging me. I'm sure I will figure something out. Don't want to waste a lot of hair getting there. Unfortunately the books I have don't say much and there aren't any good pics. I will keep trying. The Ice Queen was good enough to notice my plight and answer. But again, I wasn't clear. No human hair. Don't have enough to use when I cut my own hair.

Hands and feet solved. I need to make mittens and boots. Joke!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

hair. HAIR. How can I do good hair? I am doing OK with polymer hair. But I'm trying to use hair for hair. And not a wig, but hair. And glue. And it is hard to do. Really hard to do. Every head I'm working on is a different size and the idea of a wig is really appealing but a total impossibility. Poly clothes are hard enough without the additional hair problem. I have decided to ask for help. From any reader out there who has an idea of how to attach hair without it seeming glued down.

Today, I work on hands and feet. I've been putting it off because some of the figures are quite small. Time to give my little people hands and feet. I read that the Creagers have real feet inside the shoes. That is to be one of my goals. The problem is procrastination. If I don't think I can do a good job, I put it off. OK, today my people get hands and feet. I'm sure they will be happy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

I had planned a date with Edward Elf yesterday. We were going to finish him and make him really pretty. But my Brian came to me after a meeting I had and said "Let's go to the mountains." Well, since the mountains are my favorite place, we went. We went up Citico creek to the Indian Boundary lake. Then down the mountain to the North River. Then up to the state line with North Carolina, then to Green Cove Lake. All of these wonderful places are in the Cherokee National Forest and it is one of our favorite places to go. I have included pics.

When I got home I had received a package from England. Christmas came in June this year. Nikki and her friend at Piskies and Poppets had collaborated to make me on of the luckiest persons anywhere. The proof that Artists are wonderful people. So today Edward and I are on for our date. Is there anything better?

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I made bases. At least I hope I did. I used an air dry clay to begin the bases for my elves. I have never used it before and it was fun to play with. It is heavier by far than paperclay. Of course I will need to use a wooden support base underneath because I fear that the air dry clay will break easily the way I used it. But it will suit my purpose for now. I keep looking at the figures in the books and so many don't need bases. I want to know how to pull that off. So I'll keep looking.

There are a lot of pics in the books I've seen that use everyday objects as bases for the dolls. Some of these are just ingenius. I am loving that idea.


OK. I didn't like the way I did on a doll and he is already baked. So what to you do? I took a pair of pliars and pulled off the clay I didn't like. Now what? I'm not sure.

I have been looking at some fabulous Art Doll Magazines. I am amazed at how many different ways there are to make a doll. These are older magazines that were offered by the company for a greatly reduced price(1.99) and I couldn't help myself. I want to do dolls like all of the ones I see. Temptation should not get me though. I know I will only be happy when I find my sculpting niche. And the more ways I go about finding it, the more confused I'll become.

We are having a nice relaxing Sunday. The weather is beautiful and I'm torn between wanting to be in the studio or outside. East Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am torn because I can work in the studio, or go outside and overwork my allergy medicine. The studio wins. I'm getting low on allergy medicine.

I wish I could have dolls from all of the artists I have seen. The studio could be as beautiful as it is outside and all sorts of super people would be in there to talk to. I'm prone to talk to the computer so why not dolls. I have chided Winifred several times for the flat back of her head. She laid down too much as a child. The wonderful Mortimer has been yelled at for having no ears. And Edward Elf has caught bad words for not having better taste in clothes. Now Alarie Fee's shoulders were too big. I will be 64 in July. I hope I can stop making those mistakes by then. And find a whole new set.

Thanks for listening. Have a good and Blessed day.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Color again

Color sometimes seems to belong to children. We dress our little children in wonderful color, like Anabelle, my adorable granddaughter. The hat is so cute but we wouldn't think of something like that on our adult selves. So why not? Color makes me feel lots better and yet I wear black. Of course I keep hearing that if you are heavy, wear dark colors. Well I do. Why? Everyone knows I am heavy anyway. I neeeeed more color. The whole world turned colors this Spring and going outside was a pleasure. Now the world is a million shades of green, all of which are soothing. There are flowers in flowerbeds everywhere. Multicolored birds fly about. I wear black. It is summer here. Time for the blue of the ocean and sky, the yellows of the butterflies, the orange of the sunset, and the purples too. I am caught up in making dolls yet I see myself making an elf with brown and greenish tan. I need color, lots of it. My elves may wear woodsy colors but someone in my brood of works in progress will be colorful. I promise.

Thanks for listening and have a good and blessed day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Work to do.

I've been sitting at my computer off and on for a while with this pic of my granddaughter in front of me. She seems to be looking off into the distance, perhaps into the future. At least she seems to be. I love this picture because it has so much in the way of possibilities.

That is somewhat how i feel with a blank canvas, or with an armature. So many possibilities. I regret that my vision leads me to see things just as they are and not as they could be. I would love to inject more whimsey into the figures I make. I am trying. I have one I am working on that I just decided to make and let the clay talk. He is truly a strange looking fellow. I'm in the midst of digging around for what Nikki calls bits and bobs of things to use putting him together. I've named him Mayor Murphy. He is imposing in his girth. But odd. Anyway, the mayor is not the one who had a tangle with Mortimer North. (All will be explained as time goes by.)

I've visited many sites and seen a lot of beautiful dolls. One thing that strikes me is that none of the terrific ones are easy to do. They take a lot of care and planning. Another learning process for me. The face is just a small part of the whole doll and though it is important, The doll needs PRESENCE to be really noticeable. So just making a doll is one thing. Making a doll important is quite another. That is what I am studying right now-the difference between just a doll and an important doll. I suppose I fall in love with dolls who have movement or who seem to be telling a story. At first I thought it was enough to give them a name. And it may be enough for some folks. But I needed more to get excited about a figure. It is the story behind the figure that rings my chimes and makes me want to add to and finish the folks. So I go from the pedestrian doll making mode to creating a persona mode and the whole thing becomes exciting.

I am surprised at how very much there is to learn yet in art. And this one is the kicker. I painted. The results were fairly ordinary pictures. What is the difference between the fairly ordinary and the extraordinary? For me it is that the art work takes me further than the surface of the piece. So I am going to start digging below the surface and also below my surface and see what is there.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Good and Blessed day to you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ah, today.

I painted yesterday. When I look at some of the works that others do I find myself wanting to paint away mistakes. But anyway I painted. Base coated the figures I already put into the oven. I have tried to use pastels on unbaked figures but I think it takes a while to learn. So more practice ahead. Today I work on painting again. I have finally found that it is really fun to paint the figures but layering makes it even better. I repainted Winifred some and she looks a lot better now. And my weird bird figure needs a name so I'll know how to paint him. Had a lot of fun with Mortimer North the dead dandy. I am in love with him. But I can't tell him. I realize the poor guy has no ears. Another thing to figure out today.

It is juicy outside. That is what one newscaster in our area calls the high humidity we have right now. Since I hate to sweat, I'm staying in. What a good excuse to go to the studio and work. Also the wonderful new CD's I got, Loreena McKennitt, Nox Arcana, Enigma, etc. are helping to make the room feel welcoming. It's amazing what a little music can do.

Summer is upon us and I am going to head for the woods as soon as possible. I want to look for mosses, sticks and wood pieces to use in sculpting. I have heard that it is best to dry everything and bake wood to get all of the bugs out. So that is on the list of things to do too. Nikki is making a witch house. I want a house so that is on the agenda and I would like to have some natural things to include in it. I think the house will come first and then the figures to go into it. I get excited every time I think about it. A whole other world for me to enter when this one isn't so good.

As always I appreciate the people who blog here and love and blessings to you all.


Bienvenidos Adrianne

Big welcome to Adrianne Moro. My newest follower writes in Tita Arts and Crafts and Adrianne Moro Artes. She speaks Spanish. I tried. Welcome Adrianne. Bienvenidos.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old stuff

These are three of the works I did back when. Basically, I worked in watercolor first and graduated to acrylic. I did some oils, too slow. I did some minor sculpting. I found that to do a painting, I had to want to be there. Obviously trees and water ring my chimes.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New day to work.

It's Monday. This is supposed to be the first day of the workweek. But how does one who creates art know when the work week begins and ends? I am lucky enough not to have a job outside the home so I don't care. I am beginning the new week welcoming Light and Shadow Studio and Paula Nerhus. I just love meeting new people. Both of these artists are wonderful. Thanks for joining.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This blog

This blog started to be about my progress in life since losing a job in Sept of last year. Then I rediscovered art. And dolls. And artists. And now it is a journey into the art world. I feel like I hit the jackpot this week. I can welcome Indigo Moth, Dessa Dolls, PJ's Talking, and The Ice Queen. It is a wonderful feeling to have people with me on the journey. Thanks.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Edward is a symptom

I have posted pics of Edward Elf on this blog. Edward is my homage to the need for more fantasy and more joy in my life. I used to have it. Years ago. I was painting, sculpting, making jewelry, and was firmly in touch with my spiritual side. I had several wonderful albums of music I listened to and enjoyed the feeling of floating away when I heard them. The creative side of me cranked up and I felt I could do anything. I had not been crafting and painting to make money but to make me happy. I did try to sell a few things but only half-heartedly. And guess what. You don't get anywhere using half a heart.

The money crunch hit me about 9 years ago and I had to go to work outside the home. When I got home I had no time to listen to my music and to get into the mood to create because there were things to do and I was completely worn out. Penny pinching was not one of my favorite things to do. I just wanted to come home, sit down, and zone out. I hated working. Actually I hated the job I had for the last 6 years of working. I don't handle boredom well and the job was so dumb a monkey could do it. I was terminated for sleeping on the job. But I just couldn't stay awake in a 78 degree office where I worked on the computer all day and only had a half day's work to do. Anyway, the termination was the best thing that could have happened except for the drop in income. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

In December I had already cleaned out the rooms that had been covered with piles of stuff(crap), and I was wanting to do something. I picked up the paintbrushes that were 12 years old and the paints which had hardened some. I noticed that my vision had changed. What I saw back then is not what I am seeing now. And then I discovered blogging is much more than writing a few words. I am not always wordy and some of the comments I leave are short. So the first attempts at blogging were not so great. However, the world opened up. I began to go to blogs from all over the world, and soon discovered that we all have things in common. Check out family websites. All the same no matter what the language.

With a great big, but quiet, bang I discovered the artists on the blogs. I have learned how to find other artists and how to access other blogs and have discovered some of the nicest(Nikki) people in the world. I have developed a great affection for many people I haven't seen and a great sense of gratitude for all of the bloggers. I have learned more about myself in the process. I really am growing. I ordered some CD's(Amazon has used ones) and gotten a few more supplies and I feel good for the first time in 10 years. I can walk outside and be grateful for the beauty of my area. I can go to my studio and feel grateful that I saved so much of the stuff I had back then. I think all things are happening as they should and much of the credit goes to the artists on the blogspot. Thank you!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet Edward-with clothes

I have several things still to do with Edward. But at least he is dressed for them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

just in case

Just in case I am not getting anywhere fast, I would like to post a bit of the work I am doing. Boy is it hard getting sculpting, painting, and even baking right the first time I try. I'm making some progress but I have discovered that I have to do things over fairly often. I put the hand on, it isn't right, I pull the hand off, I do it over, I put the hand on, etc. And I am taking forever to get a face done and it isn't what I want so my skill at profanity is increasing. The only time my speech was worse was when I was trying to learn how to use the computer. It's a good thing no one was here to watch, especially my children.

I baked Edward Elf and did some painting on him and I have a lot more to do. He looks better than I expected. The head I am working on is just practice. Boy do I need a lot of practice. But I have loved the practice. That is good. I would like to use the head for some doll sometime. I do think he is sort of cute. I ordered some wool hair and I imagine it will come in a week or two. Next experiment. Finishing the painting of the eyes.

I included a couple of pics of my workspace. It isn't particularly well organized but it got so messy after sculpting Winifred that I had to organize it some. I'm sure as time goes by it will be obvious what works and what doesn't. I can't wait till I am organized, though. Got to practice and do it a lot.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am beside myself. Art Gekko Misty is with me as well as my wonderful son John and one of the best Art teachers in the world Carolyn. I couldn't be more pleased that the terrific artists are with me on my journey.


Debbie, you dear, I love your website. I am always inspired by it and I wish I had smaller hands to do what you do. Thanks for following.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Jodi and Nikki

I cannot underestimate the help from Jodi and Nikki. Thanks

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Progress

I probably should label the works in progress as bjc and ajc. I was lucky enough to locate some smips of the Creagers dvd on sculpting the face. I have watched it several times. There are full dvd's available but unfortunately tight finances keep me from purchasing at the present time. Definitely a future purchase. I need the tutoring.

Anyway, the figures displayed are works I am going to finish even if the faces don't look like I want them to. They have not been baked so I can work some more on them. Except for poor Winifred. But she is going to get added to with a bunch of other stuff. I know the items can be rebaked, but I am not willing to see what it would do to the paint, acrylic paint. I am fascinated by the fae and want to do a lot of figures to put around my home to remind me of all the fun and beauty in the world. And one of the figures is dead as a doornail so he is sort of rotting in places. A tribute to my new interest in Halloween.

With the wonderful techniques I have learned from Jodi, I am attempting to make a head that actually looks like a human being. Male or female is not important but it would be nice to be able to do both. On Winifred I made garments of clay but I may not do that on the other figures because I have a couple of fabrics that I can use. Hair? I don't know yet. Eyes? The ones I am going to use are clay. They will be painted with the rest of the figure. I would just love to see who these folks will be.

Next on my list is to learn to take photos of the objects I make so they are shown to advantage. I think my camera will do this but I don't know how yet. I will have to research it to see what I can do.

Thanks for coming and have a good day. I'm sculpting.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

lookin for the groove

I finally have been working more steadily. One of the things I know about myself is that I hate to do something if it won't be as good as I want it to be. I began work on Winifred Wombleford and got her to a point that it was time to bake her. Or so I thought. So I baked her. But the finished product turned out a bit rough and I was somewhat disappointed. I never thought of sanding. I knew that polymer can be sanded to a beautiful shiny finish for jewelry but that was not what I wanted for Winifred. So I began painting her. As an older woman she has wrinkles, salt and pepper hair, and a stocky and buxom body. I gave her a dress with detail. All of this was after baking. But now what. She doesn't look like I want her to look. I would love to have had some wool or something for hair but I don't. I have Winifred to a point of needing to add some non-polymer things to her and I have plenty of stuff for that so that is next. Then there is the seat. All of this is doable but I am still kicking myself for not sanding and it is definitely too late for that. I watched Liz Lomax's video and learned a lot from it. Boy is there a lot more for me to learn. I had said that not having money created a learning experience for me. So far, my improvising isn't so terrific. We'll see if things get better.

I have 3 other works-in-progress. I am working on Mortimer North, the dead dandy and took Nikki's lead by coloring him before baking. Of course there is now the need to dress him. And I need to decide how he will be presented and get a start on that. I have decided to use cereal boxes for walls behind the figures instead of foam core board because I have cereal boxes and I don't have foam core board. Anyway, I will get to practice mache too. I have a picture in my mind of how Mortimer should look but of course, I am back to the conundrum: will I be able to do it?

Next on my list is an elf, gnome thing. He is sort of cute. I haven't figured out how to make a figure look mean. Working on it. I have been poring over the figures on the blogs to see how others do it. Not trying to copy. Just to learn. Anyway, I love anything about the Fae world and all of the creatures we know about and those just in our dreams. I use this world often as an escape from harsh reality. My reality isn't always harsh but when I reach my limit, fantasy is a welcome break.

My 4th figure is also male(I like men) and he has a big nose, a not so great body and a smile. Again he isn't mean. Don't know what sort of creature he will be. I guess I'll have to let him tell me as I go along.

Another problem I have in the sculpting is lips. Don't know how to do them. I think I am going to scour some of the better clay books and see what I can find. I personally have small lips, which I don't like. Maybe that is why I can't seem to put a good lip on a doll.

If anyone out there has a good source for small pieces of fabrics, not quilting fabrics, please let me know. The figures are quite naked at the present. Not anatomically correct, but that is doable if necessary. I would love to make cloth clothing for some of the dolls.

Monday I will be publishing some photos of the figures I am working on. As usual, I take all suggestions and love the persons giving them. Thanks for listening.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kat the hat lady

Hey Kat. Thanks for coming on in. I love all your sites and I think you're talent is huge. Welcome!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Sheryl has joined the ongoing tales of another day on earth. Thank you Sheryl and welcome. You are appreciated.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

hello Amy

Hello Amy and thanks for coming on board. I love meeting new folks and I try to keep busy with interesting things. I appreciate your interest.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Tuesday turned out to be a good day in the mountains. There is nothing like the big beautiful trees, running rivers, and huge beautiful rocks to make me feel really good. This pic was taken at the Cades Cove Picnic area where 4 deer were having their lunch while the rest of us gawked and savored the moments. I find my spirit refreshed every time I go to the mountains. Sometimes I wish I could live there. The Cades Cove area is part of the Great Smoky Mountains national park and includes many original churches with burial grounds, original log cabins and large numbers of beautiful animals. If you can make it to Knoxville, Tn, the Smokies are less than an hour away. Anytime you want to have your spirit uplifted, the mountains are waiting.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Welcome to Misty from MISTY'S CREATIONS and ART GEKKO STUDIO. I appreciate your interest and I welcome such an artist. I love Sketch. But I think he would like Tennessee better than New York. Thanks for joining.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nothing Like It

The artist from Nothing Like It has joined the blog much to my great pleasure. Her site is cram packed with funny and interesting things and is a great joy to visit. Thank you Robin for your support. I must admit your ideas are very stimulating and I love your site.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Thanks for joining my blog. I am very new to the blog scene but isn't it fun. I am glad you chose to move to the US. I have noticed that the miniature world is quite popular in England. You have both worlds to look to. Aren't you lucky? Anyway, the sculpting I am doing is pretty new. More will be posted later. Again thanks.


Katy has joined my small army of followers. Buenos dias Katerina y bienvenidos a mi blog. No hablo Espanol pero yo entiendo un poco. Gracias a usted por su tiempo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Did it again

I love the wonderful backgrounds available here. This is a totally terrific site.

Photo, need practice

On Sunday I had put enough clay on Winifred to take photos. I am not, I repeat Not, a photographer. Guess I'll have to learn. Anyway, I had a ball working on the piece so far. Her name is Winifred Wombleford. And I have even concocted a short rhyme about her which I will show when she is finished. One of my problems magically disappeared and it is all due to the wonderful tutorials I have found online. I am so grateful not to have to go out and buy a $20 book everytime I can't figure out how to do something. For much of the piece I have been winging it. Since I don't have Jodi here, I just went for it myself. I wish Jodi lived here. Anyway, she started to take on a life. Then it was hard to put down. So I worked till I started making mistakes and quit for the night.

Yesterday I took a mental health day. Actually some sort of flu I think. Dizzy and not hungry, rare for me. Hot and cold in turn. Today I am recovered with a few chores and then back to the clay. Hallelujah! I have trouble doing anything else when I am working with the clay. Such as hearing when someone asks a question. Oh well! Too bad!

I am also organizing my STUDIO. I say it that way because I want to begin to think of myself as an artist, not just a crafter. The room has always been a craft room. Well, If I am going to be an artist, I need a studio. I am even planning to make a plaque that says studio. One of the things that holds me back from doing things is not being able to do them as well as I would like. But, being in touch with some master artists such as my fellow bloggers has gotten me to take more chances and I have a much better attitude now.

I want to thank all of the artists who commented on my blog. Each of the comments is taken to heart and treasured. You have made me feel wonderful.

I am posting 2 pics, not so good ones, with first the wire and foil and then the clay. I would love to have you see what I am working on. Someday I will have a backlog of items, a store, a website, and followers as you all do. But for now I am satisfied that I have a figure to work on.

Friday, April 10, 2009

This is why

I have been trying to become better at my art for a number of reasons. One is so that I don't become insane. Another is pictured here. Her name is Marlee. She is my youngest daughter's daughter. I really want to give her and the other grandchildren a Grammy that they can point to with pride. And by becoming the best artist I can be, maybe I can achieve that goal.

Easter is coming soon and Happy Easter to EVERYONE. I see it as a time of beginnings as well as endings. The beauty that is our world is becoming more obvious with each day. And looking outside is such a joy when Spring comes. The beginning of the growing season is an age old happy time. I have mentioned gratitude before but at this time it is more important than ever. There are so many problems being dealt with in our world today that gratitude is a needed option for everyone. The wonderful things life has given me make me ever more open to input from the world and all of the artists I see. I don't believe just putting pretty things on canvas or paper makes an artist. Some people are artists at life. They are able to create joy and give to others without a pencil or brush. Since that is another form of art in my estimation, I would like to give thanks for all of the art in the world, including those who make life so special. Again--HAPPY EASTER

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today, I will

Today I will finally do all of the things I have promised myself to do.

Now that you have stopped laughing, we will get down to reality. I have been so impressed by blogs such as that by Joyce Stahl, Mealy Monster Land,, and of course the Creagers, that I am anxious to make some figures in clay. I have done a couple of switchplates, brooches and other flat things. They have helped me know a bit about how to handle the clay itself. And of course, I have had to learn the baking technique. How to handle baking without burning. I admit to having burned one guy's butt badly enough that I had to amputate. Not having a butt makes sitting difficult so I pitched him.

One of the things I have found is that some of the clays I have are quite hard and I don't like working with them. Some are soft and I am not sure I like them either. So I am trying to learn to mix them or at least not fingerprint the soft ones. Also I finally figured out that I need work on the eyeballs. I can't afford glass eyes at this point and many artists paint eyes beautifully so I will work on that with any creatures I can make. But today is armatures.

About 10 or more years ago I was doing a bit of clay work using Maureen Carlson's book about wee folk. I loved the figures and enjoyed the work. But I have not gotten as good at faces and digits as before. It is amazing how it's possible to forget. By the way, I don't think I could ride a bicycle now either. But anyway, I am going to take inspiration from all of the wonderful artists I have seen and try to do some faces that reflect my own vision. That is the problem with using another artist's work as inspiration. It is hard to know where their vision ends and mine begins. As I would eventually like to get good enough to sell my work, I will try not to overtly copy anyone else's style. It I do, any artist may feel free to contact me about it and I will withdraw any work which offends. In the meantime, please send good thoughts to me for my learning process.

Since I and my honey still have no income, I will be trying to improvise on things I would normally buy to work with my clay things. I have decided that, rather than complaining about it, I will take this as a challenge. At night when I am waiting to sleep, I find myself designing and figuring out how to make things. And in the morning I sometimes remember some of the ideas. Now I have a notebook for those ideas and sketches. Alas, I am also quite rusty on sketching. Another thing to work on. But whooptidoo. I will enjoy practicing. Anyway, thanks to all of you wonderful artists who have posted beautiful and interesting work to inspire all of the rest of us.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nuff Said

Oh Happy Day I was able to find this blogspot while perusing and it is so simple to use I immediately added beautiful backgrounds to my blogs. I am so happy to share with you.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Day Monday

I am gradually getting over the downs. I won't be able to see results from the new contract till June and still no job on the horizon. But it is spring. Officially. And that is a new day. For some reason I never want to start anything of substance except on a Monday. That is the first day of my week. Sat and Sunday are the last 2 days of the week. This week I will finish the little wall placque for my granddaughter and start some switchplates. I am trying all sorts of new techniques I read about on the blogs and making them into things I can use around the house. Already did a switch plate for the craft room. If I can't make something real I have trouble making myself work. And I want to do some brooches. And wear them. What fun to have little odd things on my shirt.

Saw some super signs of Spring today. Forsythia, pear trees, and all sorts of other blooms and birds out. What a good thing!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have been blessed with a likely solution to the bad news I received on Tuesday. Sometimes I wonder if good intentions and a half full glass can mediate problems. The support from bloggers, family, and friends has been super. So Friday,(a record short time), I got another offer on the property I am trying to sell. A good offer. Gleefully I met with the realtor and signed papers. As my honey and I are both out of work right now, the situation of having no income is very worrisome. No one wants to lose their home, etc. Anyway, it will be a few months till closing but it is a light at the end of the tunnel. Glory be. I feel so much better I will be crafting today. (It is also raining hard. Good day to stay inside.) I couldn't be more grateful for the gift of friendship and support I have received and for the new contract. Crafting will be my celebration today.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

There will be more.

I really appreciate the kind words from Linda Lomax and Jodi Creager. What a terrific world we live in. These women are artists in the greatest sense of the word.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Confusion

Under normal circumstances I would be jumping for joy about now. That is, as much as I can jump. I have almost finished a polymer piece for my granddaughter. I will be taking photos and will try to make it visible. Photography is not one of my long suits. However, got to start somewhere. And with Spring almost here, there is more to be happy about. However, still in the wings is the worry over money. I would love to be a well known artist who can make money from art. I am planning to be a little known artist whose art gives pleasure to those who see it or receive it. I have 3 children and their families to give the art to. Just think what I can do to them by the time I am 80. They will be looking for houses with very large attics.

The whole reason I went back to art is to have a feeling of accomplishment. The loss of a job and the income from it causes a lot of fear and feelings of failure. But if I can create art to satisfy myself, feelings of failure are somewhat assuaged. I am hopeful for that. Thanks to the follower who read my last entry and commented. I am grateful. In fact, I am grateful for anyone who reads my blog. Adios y buenos dias.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I just received a phone call which literally rocked my world. I had been looking forward to a cessation of money worried by liquidating a piece of property. But after the loan was approved and the paperwork was in the final stages, the buyer backed out and I am back to square 1 with no income and no buyer for the property. I believe devastated is the word. Please pray for me.

Spring dreams and nightmares

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Coming

I am singing Spring. Actually I am not singing. Thank goodness. But if you are able to see the glorious colors of the wonderful Betsey Johnson creation pictured, you will see my idea of Spring coming. What a wonderful way to welcome warm and sunny.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Is it just me or have the fashion designers as a whole responded to the poor economy with boring clothes? I often check to see beautiful fabrics and accessories and drool over the things I can't afford. But this time, when I started looking at fall 2009, I saw very little color, stick thin and not very attractive models, hair that looks slept in, make up that is over the top or nonexistent. I saw rivets, chains, zippers, safety pins, and lots of other embellishments which I consider ugly. I saw some few well cut dresses but mostly really tight pants and really short skirts. I saw shoes which a normal woman might wear for special occasions but if worn, weeks of practice would be needed.

I realize that the fashion designers are not designing for me. I am definitely not stick thin, definitely not rich, and I definitely don't go anywhere to wear the designs from the runway. There have been times when I would have given anything to touch the glorious fabrics used in the couture houses. There have been times when looking at a designer's work would have been eye candy. The work I saw on the runways this season reminded me of dirty sandpaper in strips hanging from a nail on the wall. Except for Diane Von Furstenburg, who dresses women, not coathangers, I consider the couture season for fall a washout.

Why does this matter to me? For one thing, I have lost my eye candy. I can't count on getting inspiration for art from black, brown, and dark gray when my soul longs for color. Soaring color. Dazzling color. And for another thing, there seems to be a trickle down effect from the fashion designers to mid America and finally to the South where I live. This shows up usually within 1 to 1 1/2 years after the designers send out their shows. So I am looking forward to dark dreary fabrics next year. How depressing. I can't help but think that some designers have taken the wrong message from the world financial problem. Instead of trying to make the world better by using their skills with art, they are trying to hide the insanely overpriced garments they produce by making them in a color that virtually blends in with asphalt. I am actually bemoaning the next year if that is all there is.

Thank God for artists who can still see color in the world. They continue to produce new visions of color and design which more than make up for the fashion faux pas of late. Those artists who make wonderful jewelry and accessories from clay and other media, and those artists who create wall art, paper art, and other useful things are my go to people at this point. I don't have a job any more and am really glad about it but the current financial situation is a depressing one. But I am able to get onto the computer and see ideas for journaling, miniature hats and Harry P figures, jewelry that I wish I could make, and the uplifting words of those artists. Thank God for Artists!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I love me some fish.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainy Saturday

I spent a lot of time yesterday on the computer. I wandered about the blogs and websites featuring the clay artists and artists in general. I have noticed a lot of new and wonderful techniques for working with polymer clay. I have also noticed the attitude that many artists have not only about their work but about life in general. I find artists to be excited! About the world around them, other artists, their work, their families, their friends, learning new things, and just about everything else. The passion and excitement is palpable on the blogs and the websites I visit. I go to a few sites from other countries and they are just as wonderful. I can pick up some of the Spanish and French on the sites and they translate to the same excitement.

Sometimes I think the politicos should check some of the websites I visit. Then naysayers and idiots like Rush Limbaugh would not have any influence. The glass is not even half full in the Limbaugh house and he and his attitude seem to corrupt anyone who is even slightly conservative. I wish the people like him would forget to be self-centered for a while and really take a good look at the world outside their doors. It is simply beautiful. And unless we get off our duffs and do some good work with some passion, our children's children won't be able to say that. There are so many things that individuals can do to correct problems in the world. Like using only reusable water bottles and buying filter pitchers if they don't like tap water. We could recycle everything we can get our hands on. I intend to try to recycle some of the clothing I have into new outfits or purses or art works. I already recycle aluminum, plastic, and glass. I have purchased energy efficient light bulbs. I recycle uneaten food. I combine errands so as to use less fuel. I keep the house temp low in the winter. I am willing to bet that Rush Limbaugh is not doing these things.

While I am on the soapbox, I will mention and hope not to offend those extremely large families that are getting so much airtime from TLC. I think that having extremely large families is bad for the future of the earth. We are already using up more than our share of global resources and these families get so much publicity that they are encouraging others who want publicity to do the same thing. Witness Octomom. If anyone thinks she didn't want the spotlight with this pregnancy they are not noticing. Look at the blurb about the clothing store that has volunteered to give a year's clothing to all 14 kids. And this is a Mom who has obviously not paid attention to what would be best for her children.

I will end this diatribe by going back to the beginning. I want to thank all of the wonderful artists who have blogs and are willing to share the beauty of the world with me. I can always go to a blog and drift away on a sea of color. I can always look at the world through another artists eyes and see a whole new place. What a relief............

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Reasons

This blog is about another day on earth. I haven't accomplished what I would wish
with the art work. But I am unflinching in my desire to find and enjoy color and to
preserve the wonders of the earth. I have to say the things that we enjoy about the
planet are amazing and wonderful. Check out the example and enjoy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Shadow

My Shadow did well in surgery.

So many muses, so little time

I follow a significant number of blogs on this blogspot and I follow a large number of art sites on my bookmark settings. I want to be a wonderful artist and every day I see a new IDEA that I would like to use in my work. But I don't seem to spend enough time actually working. The totally wonderful work I see on the computer is a really difficult standard to work toward and I must continually tell myself that I can't expect myself to be perfect. I totally enjoy the process and I am only hindered at this juncture by some outside problems which get in the way of the thought processes. For instance. I have a Standard Poodle named Shadow who is pictured on the blog. She is my 4th daughter after Christy, Cathy, and Paula, and she is totally precious to me. Right now she is 12 years old and as bouncy as a baby. However she has a tumor which is being removed today and since she has some other health problems, she may not make it through the surgery. I am so worried. I feel as if she is sometimes my best friend. So relaxing enough to get creative is difficult now. I pray that she is OK. I know a lot about losing precious loved ones and I really don't need more practice. If you read this, please keep us in your thoughts.

Back to the wonderful artists I have viewed. I am of course learning from them and have found that sometimes I just need to look at their work to feel better. The daily blogs and the web sites they maintain are as much a part of this beautiful world as are the trees and streams I so love. Beauty is everywhere and nowhere more so than in the creative spirits of these artists. For them, I am grateful.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I am excited about today. My honey gave me 3 valentines and between the 3 he managed to say everything I ever needed to hear. I am really ashamed of the one I gave him. There are so many things to say about why I love him, they wouldn't fit on one card. But those things are sort of private anyway. I am just so grateful to be loved the way I am by him, the family, and my friends. I am a very lucky person and the gifts that have been given to me are nothing but miraculous. There is always a reason that things happen in the world. I can only think that I am ready for another growth spurt with the terrific loved ones standing close behind me. I am not going to get into a religious discussion because my beliefs are part of my most intimate thoughts and I am uncomfortable sharing. But I am truly happy to share the high level of gratitude present in my life. I was asked by an acquaintance how I could be so happy when I and my partner are out of work. For some reason I have never understood how complaining and being unhappy about things could enhance me. I used to be a profoundly unhappy person, searching all over for a way to become happy. I looked everywhere but the right places. I am so lucky to have found the answers. I looked to myself and the good things in my life and I have since found too many things to be happy about. So I am happy. Love is the single greatest gift given to mankind in my opinion. It can be seen in every nook and cranny of this great planet, both in the things man does and in the wonderful world we have been given. What's not to love?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The colors of the earth and sky are absolutely amazing. Spring is coming soon and there will be a burst of color everywhere. But I am impressed by the number of colors there are on a tree trunk, on a rock in the mountains, in a gray sky. I really haven't ever been a fan of grey because it reminds me of an overcast day. I appreciated that when I lived in Florida and there never was a sunless day. But here in Tennessee, I find that color is enhanced by sun and shadow. I have found lichen, mushrooms, and a host of things I can't name by looking closely at the wonderful forest floor. And the colors enhanced by the flowing water in the mountains is stupendous. Rocks definitely are not the same colors when dry.

I am in love with pearls, especially the peacock ones. It seems you can look at one all day and always find different colors in it. There are precious and semi-precious stones which change colors according to the light available. There are a myriad of colors reflected from a crystal, a diamond, moissanite, and many other stones. Rainbows of colors are all around us. When we look at a leaf there are at least 2 colors and often many more on each one. And that doesn't count when leaves change for winter. Colors of flowers often slide from one to another in the same flower. Some of the colors on the feathers of birds are different in different lights. Fish have all sorts of colors in their scales and some invertebrate sea creatures can change color on a whim as can some land animals. I change color when embarassed. And of course I change my hair color when I get into the mood. Make up changes the colors I present to the world as do my clothes. The lake changes color after a hard rain. Deep water is a darker color than shallow when viewed from above. Some of the most beautiful colors in the world are the everyday wear of countless creatures. If I were able to describe what this gives me in a few words I would try. But I can't.

Man has taken this penchant for coloring our world and run with it. Look at the wonderful and colorful fabrics of India, Africa, The Orient, and the Fashion Designers. I love to look at the Style website just to see the colors in the new fashions and how the colors are used. By combining colors, striking garments can be forever entertaining for the wearer and the viewer. Add color in jewelry and accessories and the effect is often even finer.

And now for the artist. This person perceives the colors of the world in his own way and can open up a whole new viewpoint for the rest of us. The best part is that if you set 5 artists side by side and asked all of them to reproduce an object or scene, there would be 5 signature ways the scene or piece is reproduced. There would be colors that are not immediately noticed by me but which are decidedly there when the art work is examined. There would be shapes and movement in the work no matter what the original looks like. There would be a unique point of view and a unique color palette for each artist. Thank God that is true. Because by looking through the eyes of the artists I am able to see the world in new ways. I am really impressed by the things I see with my own viewpoint. I am totally astonished when viewing the artwork of another and get another look at the world. Color is the thing which moves me the most. Some others like style, intricacy, viewpoint, different ideas. But set me in front of a profusion of color and I can stare at it for hours. The best color is one which takes my attention, holds it, and allows me to relax around it. And these wonderful colors are everywhere.

I have looked at several of the posts in this blogsite. The languages are often illegible to me and sometimes even to my computer. But one thing I have found is that there are many people around the globe who love color as much as I do. I am grateful for that because they enlarge my world!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's a beautiful day.

I am really looking forward to starting my day. I am sitting here with my cup of coffee and enjoying a few moments of peace. It is supposed to be 70 degrees here today with not much wind and a few clouds. Signs of a False Spring but the birds and I don't care. Any day there is warm enough weather to go outside and sit for a while is a good day. Any day it is ok to just listen to birdsong is an excellent day. I won't be able to make the coffee last all day but at least the relaxed feeling will just settle in with me.

I am so interested in going outside because I have been hiding from the sun for a number of years. The reasons for that are pretty varied. My Dad died of Melanoma and that was the result of sun exposure and moles. Also, I pretty much hate wrinkles. And I have gained a lot of weight. And I get hot easily. But I am not happy with the results of staying indoors. I have become a very large wimp and I don't like that about myself. So I am determined to change that. The very beautiful man pictured here is my partner and I have found him to be very loving no matter what I look like and if for no other reason, I am refusing to hide anymore. Also I think I will be happier and have a better outlook on life if I do not hide myself in my house. I am discovering, partly because of the many countries represented in this blog space, that there are so many wonderful things to do and see outside this house that I need to get on with it. So here goes!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lessons to be learned

It seems that everything that happens can be a lesson to be learned. My guy and I have been out of work for a while and I am learning to spend with much more care. Just think where I would be if I had learned this lesson 20 years ago.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hello out there. Polymer clay artists wanted.

I am hoping to learn from some of the terrific artists who have blogs on this site. I have the inate abilities that are necessary for the art. I have the materials. I have a great big fear of failure and I am going to have to get past that. I envy people who are driven to the point that they can't not do it. Sometimes my fear of failure is bigger than my need to create. And self discipline hasn't helped yet but I am working on it. If anyone happens to see my blog and knows a good artists, don't hesitate to recommend them to me. I am looking for anything to get started. I have some terrific websites on my computer. I am learning with each and every entry about the things I love, chiefly color, shine, color, pearl, people, jewelry, and more color. There are things all around which stimulate me and any help I can get is appreciated.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More time.

For a long time I was worried about not having enough time to do things. Now I am worried about having enough things to fill my time.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Been a long time.

Being out of work and not having a schedule lets the mind wander and the body stay still. And get fatter. And not move around enough. And the whole person fails to grow. You need to attempt something to succeed at it. So there.