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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tired of winter?

Yes. Resoundingly. A shiver here, a shake there. I am so ready to go outside and not feel frozen. Here the winter has been really cold and also very cloudy. Overcast days are a real downer.

Also, the reality of Mardi Gras has hit me. When I think of the festival I think of fantasy, color, smiles, and energy. What a joy! A harbinger of Spring. Just around the corner. I am ordinarily a lover of cool weather and I find that I anticipate season changes and daylight changes. Winter this year has not offered a lot of sun and I all of a sudden miss it. I look at the wonderful sun and am not surprised that some cultures have deified it. And I just about could today.

Color is coming. I can feel it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The weather as a topic

I've heard it said that if there is nothing to talk about try the weather. Well the weather here has been cold. With snow, with clouds, with rain, with ice, with sun, and with combinations of all of the above. But that is the end of the weather talk.

As I have gotten older I find that when the weather is too hot or too cold I tend to not want to go out. This is not a good thing for an older person and I will begin today to fix it. I have a planned outing to the art gallery down the street with a sweet little lunch while I am out. Then he decides to stay home. He hurt his eye at work yesterday and really needs to rest it. You see, he is a welder and that alone puts a big strain on the eyes.

So now I have a big day planned doing laundry and cooking. Actually those are things I needed to do anyway and I am only putting off my trip to the gallery. Knoxville, where I live, is in Tennessee. The east Tennessee landscape is possibly one of the most beautiful in the world. So just taking a ride into the country is enough to make the artist in me happy. But there are some lovely studios and galleries here and if I really need inspiration I can go to Gatlinberg where there is a wonderful group of artists centered around Arrowmont, a very famous school for artists. Anyway, today I'm going to concentrate on creating nummy yummies for the tummy and then on getting my artistic cap on.

I really envy people who are unable to not do art. I have times when I have to make something or I will go nuts. Then there are periods of time that I am easily distracted by other things and take a pass on the studio. I find that I am happier when I am in creative mode. I wish I could be there all the time.

I tip my proverbial hat to the wonderful art I see in the blog and on facebook and to all of the wonderful people who make the art. You are a blessing on the earth.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hopes and expectations

There are times that I would love to be at the beach. I don't expect to be there but I would love it.

There are times I would love to weigh sixty pounds less than I do. I don't expect to get there any time soon but I would love it.

There are times I would love to have a completely happy day. It would be a day that included no bills, no bad tv shows, no disasters. It would be a day that there was a lot of love in the house and there would be good food, smiles, and joy.

Valentines day is supposed to be a happy day. It is supposed to be a day to express love and caring. It is supposed to........