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Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm ready for a change

 You can see that I have a nice deck and some lovely trees in the back of the house. Boy was that deck expensive but I enjoy looking at it and being out there when it's not too hot.
I had a couple of windows replaced with a single glass window and it turned my home around. I moved furniture in the den with the help of my honey and I'm satisfied. I have all of the accessories I need. But, and that is a big one, it needs to be painted and I need new floor. The carpet is 20 years old. It was blue but when dirt and Tennessee red clay are added to blue it creates a sort of blue green orange nasty mess. And after adding the window almost 4 years ago the room still needs repainting. I've let the house suffer enough. And now I'm doing some finaglin' to fix the problem. The kitchen vinyl is almost 25 years old. The carpet in the living room/office is almost 25 years old. And it's nasty. I did get new carpet in the dining room. Now it needs to be painted too. We need new floors all over the house but the expense---dayam.
 This is an area between the house and the garage which houses the laundry room and a bathroom. For some reason living things die here. It gets the late afternoon sun in summer and the heat from the dryer in winter. And I'm planning to put in a concrete piece with some decorative rocks and maybe some ground cover. Another thing to do.
And we have tried to grow grass in the back yard. No go. I don't know what to do next. The dogs don't help much. I'd like to enlarge the fenced area. Not cheap.

I have done some craig's list purchases and have a few pieces on the deck. This fall I'll enjoy cooking and eating out there. And I've decided to cover the tables and chairs over the winter. I'm using the cheap plastic table cloths and duct tape. Is there anything that stuff won't fix.
The chairs in this pic were garage sale chairs and have gone to the great chair rodeo in the sky. I've got to get back on Craig's list.
 I purchased the sofa and chair at a local furniture store and their quality leaves a lot to be desired. I cover the sofa seat with a sheet because the dogs really do shed. The small one in this pic is Cheyenne who now weighs about 65 pounds. Anyway, the table is composed of prebought base and a top made by my honey of left over tile from a job he did. I'll include a better photo later but I'm really proud of him. Again, the carpet is supposed to be blue.
Here I'm looking into my kitchen. I plan on having the whole lower floor except the dining room done in laminate. I've been told that with active dogs it will be more durable. I'm so excited I can barely breathe.

Another problem. I took down wallpaper in the kitchen and bath. At least I took down most of it. I need to prep the walls for the painter. I've put it off for so long because the job of getting it all done seemed overwhelming. I am so excited.

I've been working on the budget problem for the
last few weeks. Even when there is a lovely outcome waiting there is also the stress of worrying if everything will work out and when. Also in
the middle of the process I'm trying to clean out all of the hoarded crap I don't need so that when the work is done I don't have to think any more about what needs to be done for a while.

Life is an unusual adventure for me lately. I'll post things as they happen.