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Friday, April 10, 2009

This is why

I have been trying to become better at my art for a number of reasons. One is so that I don't become insane. Another is pictured here. Her name is Marlee. She is my youngest daughter's daughter. I really want to give her and the other grandchildren a Grammy that they can point to with pride. And by becoming the best artist I can be, maybe I can achieve that goal.

Easter is coming soon and Happy Easter to EVERYONE. I see it as a time of beginnings as well as endings. The beauty that is our world is becoming more obvious with each day. And looking outside is such a joy when Spring comes. The beginning of the growing season is an age old happy time. I have mentioned gratitude before but at this time it is more important than ever. There are so many problems being dealt with in our world today that gratitude is a needed option for everyone. The wonderful things life has given me make me ever more open to input from the world and all of the artists I see. I don't believe just putting pretty things on canvas or paper makes an artist. Some people are artists at life. They are able to create joy and give to others without a pencil or brush. Since that is another form of art in my estimation, I would like to give thanks for all of the art in the world, including those who make life so special. Again--HAPPY EASTER


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Had tears in my eyes reading this. How right you are!
Nikki x

Sheryl Parsons said...

Amen to what you said Judy. It's interesting and wonderful that the Atonement gives us all a chance to start anew. Easter symbolizes new life and endless opportunities!
I've already been out in the garden digging around and harvesting fresh chard and lettuce. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts and stopping by my blog. :-)

adelesspookyart said...

Adorable Little Marlee...
Happy Bunny Weekend!!


Chicken Lips said...

So true! Thank Heaven for fresh starts!

Jodi said...

A lovely lovely post Judy...with wonderful feelings and wishes...
You are indeed blessed to have your heart so full ....

A BEAUTIFUL little Grand-daughter...Marlee is the picture of perfect!

Have a Wonderful Easter Sunday


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Very nice post and Happy Easter back at you!!!
Have a great week Judy!