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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tired of winter?

Yes. Resoundingly. A shiver here, a shake there. I am so ready to go outside and not feel frozen. Here the winter has been really cold and also very cloudy. Overcast days are a real downer.

Also, the reality of Mardi Gras has hit me. When I think of the festival I think of fantasy, color, smiles, and energy. What a joy! A harbinger of Spring. Just around the corner. I am ordinarily a lover of cool weather and I find that I anticipate season changes and daylight changes. Winter this year has not offered a lot of sun and I all of a sudden miss it. I look at the wonderful sun and am not surprised that some cultures have deified it. And I just about could today.

Color is coming. I can feel it.

1 comment:

Mona said...

you're right Judy...winter should finally be over! Sick of it!