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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Too much too fast

Yesterday I began a series of three classes to teach me more about DEALING with diabetes. I'm listening for 3 hours and learning a lot. oh so tired brain seems to only be able to handle so much and them I just stop. I don't get confused. I just stop.
I'm glad there is a notebook that goes with the class or I'd be completely overwhelmed.

OK. I'm going to have to exercise. From what the teacher(an RN)said, the best way to bring down blood sugar is to exercise and to lose weight. I now have a problem to overcome. I hate hate hate to exercise. But I will.

I have felt a little sorry for myself. No, actually, I have felt a lot sorry for myself. Hence a few new outfits. Pictures to follow.


Amber said...

hello! Long time no talk! I hate to exercise too, but I try to have fun with it and do the dancing dvds. Its still hard to get motivated but I just have to keep telling myself that I need to do it to stay healthy.

Birdie said...

Is there any exercise you do like? I HATE exercise but I love swimming. Try to find the exercise you hate the least! hee hee