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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Me, up to date

Some of the items listed are me. I don't think I shuffle. But the rest fits pretty well.

Lately I haven't known what to say about my life and what's going on. I'm in the midst of some large health decisions. I've taken a sleep test and it was confirmed I have apnea so next week I go back to the sleep center to be fitted with a Cpap machine. Another night of the worst sleep ever. I also am going to be starting the process of getting weight loss surgery. That's right. I have to have help because what I'm doing isn't working. I want to feel better. I haven't written much lately because I'm so tired all of the time that I don't feel like writing or even thinking.

I would have never thought I'd need surgery for weight loss when I was younger. I never did well on diets but I didn't gain weight even when I was being careful with my eating. One of the big things of my sign is Loves food and comfort. Well that is true even though I don't necessarily subscribe to the veracity of astrology. I'm not taking photos lately because of the weight I have gained. I'm going to put a couple of pics on soon to show you me at my biggest yet. And Hopefully I will be able to improve with the surgery and with time. I'm willing to do the work.

I love fashion and because of the love for fashion I have continued to buy things in the large size that I am. I'm lucky in that I can sew and will alter the things as I need to. Some are too small anyway. When ordering from the internet that is a chance you take. Also, the fashion I'm in love with isn't the name brand and arm party variety. I'm a firm believer in dressing to suit myself. I love the bohemian look. I'm too old to pull off some of the looks but there are a lot of women like me around the world who think ethnic clothing is the most interesting. So you will see me trying to make boho work for a heavy 68 year old woman. I live in a conservative area. I suppose I'll stand out in some ways. Oh well!!!!

I am really fond of the people whose blogs I follow. I count on blogs to increase my view of the world and bring me new ideas. Thank all of you who follow my writing for your support. I think I'll need it in the future.

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Sheila said...

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog, Judy! Hang in there - you can do it! I am sending you good vibes - be what you want to be!