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Monday, December 23, 2013

Not Participating

I'm frustrated. I got a call from the WLS surgeon's office and they said my insurance company would not approve the surgery I want because I am not on their rolls for next year. So I panicked. I had already received next year's insurance card and I didn't know what to think. Cancelled? Computer glitch? Just plain old bad luck? So I located the page the card came from and it said good Jan 1, 2014. Then I called the surgeon's office and they resubmitted the request. So again I'm waiting.

There are few things I hate more than waiting. So I've decided it's time to follow the program the Dr.'s office gave me. Going to the grocery store today and by Friday I'm going to be doing the heavy protein diet that will prepare my body. It looks like they are scheduling about 3 months out so I have time to get ready. I hope the approval will come soon.

I've been getting things from Zulily. They have some nice boho fashions and I love those. Kimonos are wonderful and feminine and to me, sexy. So I've ordered several things. I'm finding that it's easy to get hooked on buying clothes on the internet. It's so easy. But I did start with Zulily before I found out about the surgery possibility. Anyway, as with anything bought from the internet, sizing can be strange. So several things have come in too small. Not a lot too small. But they will be helpful as I lose pounds. As you can tell, I'm really counting on the approval from the insurance company.

Things make me crazy. I'm still waiting on the wood for my floor to come in. And I'm waiting for the approval from the insurance company. And I've been waiting for the setting of a surgery date. And I don't wait well. Meanwhile there are a lot of things I'm not doing. Like dieting, exercising, etc. In other words, not participating. It's time to have faith and get moving. Yes. That.

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