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Monday, March 24, 2014

Is it getting old or diet or what?

Sometimes I'm amazed at how hungry I'm not. And sometimes I'm surprised at how hungry I am. Since the surgery I've been on liquids with a few sneaks here and there. I'm of the opinion that liquids don't do much to satisfy me no matter how much I take in. So I'm looking forward to the Dr. visit tomorrow so I can move on to pureed stuff. I assume they will teach me how to go about eating the pureed foods and will give me some idea as to what I can eat. Meanwhile I just look forward to the 3 month visit to start real food.

I am having a couple of problems. I've been sore. Muscle and joint sore. I am getting plenty of protein and not much exercise. So this problem could just be this old body being ticked off that I'm putting it through all of this. I suppose time will tell. I've only lost 25 pounds so far. I'm far too impatient. If I had lost 25 pounds without the surgery I'd think I moved the earth. Funny how that works.

1 comment:

Birdie said...

I seem to remember after any surgeries I have had that I am sore afterwards. I have no idea why!

25 pounds is a good start! woooot!