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Friday, January 12, 2018

Lie after lie

Someone says something. It sounds good. And it's just what you would like to see. And it's a reason to be happy. Or is it? Maybe it is just someone saying something to agree with you. Or it is something to get you off their back. Or it is something they believe at the time. But then, reality creeps in and you begin to understand that it is just words. There is no passion behind the words. They sound good so they are said but it is just words.

In the world I live in words can hurt. Maybe others are immune to words. Maybe others are better able to understand when they are just words and don't mean anything. And the words can make a moment better. Or not. How often have you made a promise to do something and when the time came to follow through it didn't seem like such a good idea? How often have you believed it when someone said or promised  something good and then didn't follow through? Or even worse, became angry when the promise was brought up?

I find myself listening to the political arena and hearing lie after lie after lie from those who are tasked with governing the country. I find myself looking at mags like the Enquirer and seeing lie after lie published as if they were the truth. I see on TV that lie after lie is more and more prevalent. Is there a time for change? A time to go back to the basic rightness of things? I despair.

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