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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainy Saturday

I spent a lot of time yesterday on the computer. I wandered about the blogs and websites featuring the clay artists and artists in general. I have noticed a lot of new and wonderful techniques for working with polymer clay. I have also noticed the attitude that many artists have not only about their work but about life in general. I find artists to be excited! About the world around them, other artists, their work, their families, their friends, learning new things, and just about everything else. The passion and excitement is palpable on the blogs and the websites I visit. I go to a few sites from other countries and they are just as wonderful. I can pick up some of the Spanish and French on the sites and they translate to the same excitement.

Sometimes I think the politicos should check some of the websites I visit. Then naysayers and idiots like Rush Limbaugh would not have any influence. The glass is not even half full in the Limbaugh house and he and his attitude seem to corrupt anyone who is even slightly conservative. I wish the people like him would forget to be self-centered for a while and really take a good look at the world outside their doors. It is simply beautiful. And unless we get off our duffs and do some good work with some passion, our children's children won't be able to say that. There are so many things that individuals can do to correct problems in the world. Like using only reusable water bottles and buying filter pitchers if they don't like tap water. We could recycle everything we can get our hands on. I intend to try to recycle some of the clothing I have into new outfits or purses or art works. I already recycle aluminum, plastic, and glass. I have purchased energy efficient light bulbs. I recycle uneaten food. I combine errands so as to use less fuel. I keep the house temp low in the winter. I am willing to bet that Rush Limbaugh is not doing these things.

While I am on the soapbox, I will mention and hope not to offend those extremely large families that are getting so much airtime from TLC. I think that having extremely large families is bad for the future of the earth. We are already using up more than our share of global resources and these families get so much publicity that they are encouraging others who want publicity to do the same thing. Witness Octomom. If anyone thinks she didn't want the spotlight with this pregnancy they are not noticing. Look at the blurb about the clothing store that has volunteered to give a year's clothing to all 14 kids. And this is a Mom who has obviously not paid attention to what would be best for her children.

I will end this diatribe by going back to the beginning. I want to thank all of the wonderful artists who have blogs and are willing to share the beauty of the world with me. I can always go to a blog and drift away on a sea of color. I can always look at the world through another artists eyes and see a whole new place. What a relief............

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Jodi said...

What a lovely 'blog' for a rainy Saturday ...sounds like your day was filled with learning, enjoying, reflecting ...
Glad your day was filled with exciting new things