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Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Confusion

Under normal circumstances I would be jumping for joy about now. That is, as much as I can jump. I have almost finished a polymer piece for my granddaughter. I will be taking photos and will try to make it visible. Photography is not one of my long suits. However, got to start somewhere. And with Spring almost here, there is more to be happy about. However, still in the wings is the worry over money. I would love to be a well known artist who can make money from art. I am planning to be a little known artist whose art gives pleasure to those who see it or receive it. I have 3 children and their families to give the art to. Just think what I can do to them by the time I am 80. They will be looking for houses with very large attics.

The whole reason I went back to art is to have a feeling of accomplishment. The loss of a job and the income from it causes a lot of fear and feelings of failure. But if I can create art to satisfy myself, feelings of failure are somewhat assuaged. I am hopeful for that. Thanks to the follower who read my last entry and commented. I am grateful. In fact, I am grateful for anyone who reads my blog. Adios y buenos dias.

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