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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missed Monday

I have trouble scheduling myself to tell me what day it is. He stayed home yesterday so it was Sunday. Now it's Tuesday. I think. I hope.

I just realized this is 101 blog.

I just realized this is a good day to do laundry and to finish up a doll I've been working on.

I just realized that I am finally waking up. It's only 10:45. There is a really good reason not to take sleeping pills late at night. You wake up at 10:45 after being out of bed at 7. I went grocery shopping. Wonder what I bought!!!!!

I have grown to love the wonderful coolness of the mornings. Fall seems to be around the corner here. Such a change from the usual dog days of summer. Today there isn't much sun so it should stay relatively cool. And after all, one can sculpt on the porch in the swing.

Loves to everyone. I am having a great day. Judy

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