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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas......

To all of the people who read my blog.
To all of the people who work in hospitals, nursing homes, etc, taking care of people
who can't take care of themselves.
To all of the people out taking care of the roads so we can visit loved ones.
To all of the aid workers around the world who help the victims of disasters.
To all hungry. I hope your lot improves.
To all the ill. I pray you get better.
To all who take the time to volunteer.
To all who protect and serve including fighting fires.
To all service personnel and their families, no matter where they are.
To all who support charities.
To all who love their families.
To all who care about the earth.
To all of the abused, including animals. I hope help comes in time.
To all of the Scrooges out there. To get over it.
To my family.

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