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Saturday, December 18, 2010

No new news

I am just about over it. My Ex had a professor at the university who said it best. "God was generous with idiots. He put them everywhere." Well I have found where a lot of them hang out.

The Interstate and all roads leading to it. Driving has become a real adventure lately. The weather hasn't helped much. Snow, ice, rain, and generally increased traffic have turned even the most even tempered idiot into a raving maniacal idiot.
The road clears up a bit then there is an icy patch which causes the idiot driver to slam on the brakes and therefore slide. There is a puddle of water which after 6 pm becomes ice- same result. And then there are are the bridges and overpasses. Giggle.

The grocery store. Yes there was a winter weather watch posted on the weather map and the predictions range from no snow to 3 inches of snow(that's all we ever get here) to sleet to simple rain. And the populace heads for the grocery store. To get bread and milk. A person could starve if they missed a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk for a couple of days(that's how long snow usually lasts here).

The parking lots of any major store or mall. It is cold, remember. And a little snow or a light rain may be falling. And of course Christmas approaches. Or looms as the case may be. There are no good parking spaces in the lot because everyone has decided to go shopping on the same day(Saturday). So our wonderful idiots ride around and around the parking lots looking not only for a parking spot but a spot close to the store. They are planning on buying a lot of heavy things. Finally a spot opens and all 15 of the lot roamers aim for the same place. Just think, a gathering of 15 idiots.

The malls. The department stores. The discount stores. The toy stores. And Walmart.
There is one good time to go to these stores and not run into idiots. October.

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