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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not Missoni

I have stated in previous blogs or comments that I don't care for Missoni. Unfortunately I am irritated by most zigzags. There are certain patterns that I find unsettling and Missoni is the author of one of them. This zigzag pattern is one that I do like. I think because it isn't straight across and it is broken up by other patterns. So I bought it. I think that is my attempt at trying to do a trend.

I read in a blog that a woman was always dressed in black pants, a flowy top, and great jewelry. I love that idea. I don't think I'll immediately pitch all of my non flowy tops. But I am going to try to work up some outfits using that idea. I am also going to try to match jewelry to my present outfits so I get the most out of both. I decided to hang a sandwich bag on a hanger with the top if it's the only top I wear that jewelry with.

I do a small amount of sewing and hope to increase it soon. On one of the sewing blogs I saw a book mentioned about how to make changes in patterns. I find sewing easy and fitting hard so I have been reluctant to mess with a pattern once I get it to fit. This book is so wonderful in its explanations.
The book is out of print I believe and it was published in the 90's but good ole has it and there are many used copies available. I got one and it is just great. Anyway, there are so many ideas about changing the basic pattern that I also got some ideas about redoing garments that I already have. One of the most obvious is long sleeved tops that have sleeves that are tight or too short. On a sweater I have opened the underarm seam and made a flow sleeve. On a top, long sleeves became 3/4 sleeves. And this book is great too if you have a seamstress or someone who does alterations.

I want to tie into the last post. I have had some really wonderful comments from some of the nicest people ever. Serene says I can be a trend setter. That idea rings a bell with me. Leesa and The wonderful Free Bird have their own take on making my way.  I think that for the first time in my life I actually feel the freedom to take the road less traveled. So the road is going to get mapped out for me by my choices.

I love to see the beautiful young girls and their blogs. I know I am not able to have those looks both because of age/weight and because I so won't spend that sort of cash on fashion. But the feeling of satisfaction they have with their looks is something I have wanted. I have decided that they work hard at their art(fashion). And instead of having jealousy about them I am going to view their art and just enjoy. I am going to enjoy making my way down the road just as much. My thanks to all of the commentors who have helped me get started.


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Judy, I love that top! I especially like the way the pattern is on the diagonal. I don't know why mfgrs think all women who are not stick thin want horizontal patterns!
I am so glad to hear you are trying some restyling. I am a totally novice sewer, but I want to learn how to tailor and redo patterns. You inspire me to try it!

Amber Blue Bird said...

i think that top is going to look stellar on you. Cant wait to see what jewelry you pair with it. I am also happy to hear you sound more positive about yourself and fashion. I think you are definitely on the path to being a trendsetter.

Lorena said...

I like that top and that idea of wearing always black pants + flowy top + jewelry, it sounds like a simple and perfect way to always get it right.

Lorena said...


Birdie said...

That top is the best! Love it. That is exactly the type of clothes I like to wear. :-)

Clara Turbay said...

Interesting ideas for fashion. Come to check out mine.