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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This has not been a good winter for me

As you see, I'm focused on a lot of the stuff that typically opens January. I have chosen, through lack of action, not to follow the crowd. I got this pic from Pinterest and the comment was- rather be the one on the right, that's why I work out. Well, I'm the one on the left but probably without as much muscle. This winter I have allowed the darkness and crappy weather to get to me. If you are a follower(I just lost one from this blog) you have seen no pics of me in many months. It seems that once a downward spiral begins, it is hard to interrupt.

I've chosen to share the ongoing problems today because this last weekend I erupted in an anger that scared me. It was focused at someone else at the time, but I have been doing a lot of thinking and I've decided I am really angry at myself. I'm the one who let me down. I'm the one who has been allowing my looks, health, and habits to slide. And now I'm going to tell you all a little about myself in hopes you will understand and that maybe at last I will understand.  (By the way, if you are really angry, don't hit anything. Things break and bruises happen. Just sayin.)

I am reluctant to do things. I have glorious pictures in my head about how easy it would be to do a lot of things. But I won't try. Because of fear of failure. No, I'm not afraid I can't do it(whatever it is). I'm afraid I can't do it perfectly. As an example-I may have to give up Pinterest, or at least not see it so often. Because my mind automatically goes to the least attainable result, I'm thinking, why lose weight? I'll never look like those skinny or even muscular 20 year olds anyway. And since I am almost  67 I am correct. When the weight goes, skin sags and in some instances the loser looks older. So if I lost a lot of weight I might look older. Not perfect.

My rationale holds a lot of truth. But not all of the truth. I might actually feel better 50 or 60 pounds lighter. And I might actually do more. And I might actually recoup some muscle and maybe even live longer and with a better attitude. I'm not at all pleased with the fact that instead of losing weight, I have gained. But I've gotten a boost in my overall health with some new eating and this may change. I took some pics today. No I don't think I look good. I think I look pretty bad. But guess what! I still have good hair. And it's getting longer. So I shall try to focus on the good.

The one constant in my life that is truly mine is this blog. It isn't influenced by anything outside of myself. Except the need not to put anything out there that would hurt my kids. This blog is my lifeline in the dark days of winter because I am such a recluse. I have to say I need Spring. Soon.


Birdie said...

Winter is just a crappy time to try to feel good about yourself. It is cold, wet and dark and the fresh fruit and vegetables are almost non existent. Be good to yourself.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Judy, I hear you. I have been having a lot of talks with myself and there are times lately when I am really down. All we can do is try to be positive, even if it is really hard sometimes.