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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I needed it, it came

Yesterday was a mostly sunny day. In East Tennessee, mostly is the most we get at this time of year. We have had a mild winter. A couple of frosts, a spit of snow, (at least in Knoxville) and rain. My house is heated with gas and the amount used is a lot lower this year. Gray days, rain, but at least less fuel used.

I began with that because I was driving to the store yesterday and the Jonquils are up and blooming in a yard just up the street. It's no wonder I'm confused this winter. Mother Nature doesn't seem to have her ---- together either. Anyway, I'm saying that Spring looks closer now. Much closer.

The saying above is a new thought for me. I had my tantrum and realized that I'm mad at me. So I'm starting over. I've heard times repeated are how a habit is formed. Some say 2 weeks. Some a month. Whatever. I bought a dozen donuts. I ate half. I pitched the other half. Usually I'll eat all 12. I had a drink with sugar and lots of caffeine. I drank half. Usually I'll finish all of it. Because of habit, and the starving children in China(circa 1955 Mom's words) I have always made myself finish what I take to eat. Now isn't that a hoot? I rarely finish crafts I start. Oh well. Starting over, I'm looking for ideas that are new to me.

The New Year is not the beginning of new things for me. Never has been. For some reason I've always thought of Spring as the beginning of the new year. It's when I get the energy to try different things, to get out, to get a new outlook. And the Jonquils are blooming.

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Amber said...

Spring jump starts my creative juices too. There is something about the cold winter days that just sucks all the life of out me.

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