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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 Pants- long ones. I wear only long pants. At least in the winter. And I don't wear jump suits. I need to use the ladies room too often.

The jumpsuit at left is a designer original by Stine Goya. It has some vintage vibe to it. But I think it is totally not attractive. Dull colors and poor fit make me think of old things made from lay around fabrics. And Sorry but the presentation, with the gold face, isn't helping much. Things like this make me question the reason for high fashion. I had always thought that if I had a lot of money I would wear things that enhance my look. I have imagined this outfit with a belt, which could help; with jewelry, which might help; with matching shoes, nice makeup, and decent hair. But even though my imaginings help, the color and pattern and fit are still boring. Oh, well. My opinion.
 Poor Jessica took a lot of static about this outfit. The Joan Rangers said it was too old, looked like jammies, and was just not appropriate. Again, I don't get it. I think she looks elegant and pretty. Just because she isn't "flaunting" her body doesn't mean it's ugly.
 McQueen did pants. See thru and really short. But without the hat I think the outfit has possibilities. At least I didn't have to imagine adding belt, jewelry, or appropriate shoes.
 I think Dries Van Noten had the street in mind when designing this. I love the pants, the shoes and the jacket. Not so much the shirt. But in this outfit, the fit is terrific. I'd love to be able to wear those pants. They are gorgeous.
And my Favorite Favorite designer, Roberto Cavalli used the most beautiful fabrics. The fit is great. The pants are again see thru but when compared to McQueen, it is a totally different look and idea. The use of the lace and the light color makes this a fabulously feminine look. I just love it.
And last of the pants looks I picked is this tunic and pants combo with some of the most beautiful color and fabric I have ever seen. I love boho and this fits in that scheme while being the height of elegance. If I could find a piece of fabric like that lace I'd think I was in heaven.

I am not sure if I came into millions of dollars that I would want to attend the fashion weeks and purchase these items but I will say that looking at them is often like going to an art gallery and drooling over the masterpieces there.


Stacey said...

I really enjoyed this post. I agree with you totally on the white outfit - very nice!!

Ofelia said...

Great post, especially because I enjoy reading your points of view.
I do agree with most of your points; from the ridiculous gold face to the way Dries jacket and shirt may not be quite suitable for a "real" women.
Have a good coming weekend,

Ali Hval said...

That last one is gorgeous. And I loved your comment about not being able to wear jumpsuits because of having to go to the bathroom, haha! I can totally understand that.

Thanks for following; hope to hear from you again soon!