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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Better late than never

I've been noticing that I have a skewed view of some things. Truth. What a concept! And to get to the truth in any given situation has always meant something to me. I've been told that I go for the bottom line(not money) when discussing things but I never thought I was lying. And in all of my 67 years I never realized that the truth is not basic reality. For example, you are involved with someone and you think they are "good people". Well if you watch ID TV you can find out that people are only what they want you to see. There are con artists, criminals, and just plain nuts all over the place.

I have always thought people were basically good. I have re-examined that concept and sometimes I see that they aren't. I choose to think of those people as broken. Just as beings can be born with genetic physical anomalies, they can also be born with psychological ones. And that is when the environment takes over and further molds. I don't believe in original sin but I do believe that babies are born with certain tendencies. For instance, I believe that I was born with a tendency to feel abandonment as death. I didn't find out about that till my late 40's and I'm still finding out the many ways it affects me. But I still feel that most people are basically good. And it is how we choose to act on our version of the truth tells the sort of person we are. Not good or bad. Those are arbitrary ideas that don't have a place in my thinking. The sort of person who chooses to be friend or foe is more like it.

I have seen politicians who truly believe a woman won't get pregnant from a rape. Even some women believe that. And there are many who believe a woman should have no choice about completing a pregnancy no matter the circumstances. There are men who think of women as their property. There are those who consider sex slavery a way to make a living. There are those who kill for fun, or to right a perceived wrong done to them. There are women who think it's OK to break up a family to get a man. I personally believe an unwilling man can't be taken but that's just me. I personally hate guns. I personally don't believe in stealing, from the government or anyone else. I personally believe that loving others is the way to go. My truths!

The truth about these and all other "facts, truths" in life seems to be very much in the eye of the beholder as is beauty. Some folks think body builders have beautiful bodies. That is their truth. Others see extreme thinness as beautiful. And there are those who love heavier people. That sort of truth may seem unimportant but for the overweight, thin, or muscular person that sort of truth is important.

Truth. Fact. Belief. Guess what! These seem to all be different things. When I get dressed up and look in the mirror I may see myself as looking good. Or I may compare myself to a different sort of truth and see myself as looking fat, or old, or silly. I've decided I need to define the truth for me. This about the things in my life. And if I want to compare, I'll try to compare myself to my idea of what is good and comfortable and pretty for me. I'm 67, an old dog still learning new tricks.

About those other concepts; rape, politics, etc. I am a jury of one. I must define what works in my view and stick with that. And I must allow others to do the same. If I disagree, I'll say so and then shut up. The stress of trying to change someone else isn't worth it.


Ofelia said...

You are so right about so many of these subjects, for me especially when it comes to my reproductive rights and I see a man on viagara deciding for the next generation of women what to do with their bodies.
I'm with also in that thing that some women and some men do when they get into situations that break up their family? Why? why get marry and have a family if you can't be faithful?

Dana said...

I completely agree. It's not worth it to worry about what other people think.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. :)

Kathleen said...

This is exactly why I never discuss politics or religion with people. You will never change their fundamental beliefs because there is no logic behind either one.

I still feel that people are inherently good, and even after my (almost) 42 years on earth, find myself consistently surprised when I hear of acts that are seemingly completely evil. I refuse to believe that's what our society has become.