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Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's a hoot

She's wearing a top that would probably fit me now. And I hope that I can do it like she did. The clothes I have- and that is a lot- will hopefully be that big on me in a year. After Feb 24 I'll begin a journey into the unknown. That being losing weight instead of gaining. Yesterday I spent 4 hours at the hospital and doctor's office learning more about the things I must do to make that happen. I have a couple of opinions about that.

One thing I am certain of is---- this is not an easy weight loss fix. There is no such thing as going to the doc and getting fixed. The surgeon gives out tools to used for weight loss. Surgery, diet, exercise, etc are needed. You notice that surgery is only one part of the equation. Without it the other parts haven't worked and with surgery only the problem of excess weight would still exist. So I've spent the last few months reading and learning. But the most important thing I have done is to visualize myself having an active old age. I do believe that is the thing I have wanted most in my life. An active and interesting life. And the surgery is one of the things that can help with that.

I've seen so much on the pinterest web site and on the blogs. I've always been drawn to boho and ethnic dressing. I have a ton of clothing for that purpose. It's hard to believe that I will shrink out of them within a month or two. So when I do post pics, maybe you can remember that a skinny model wore a top ten sizes too big. So I'm not alone.

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