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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I have found it

I have found my niche. I've read about blogging that I should have a niche. A set of things that appeal to others. I've found mine--- I'm over 70 and overweight. I'm under pressure and underfunded. I'm unable to afford the high fashion things and unable to let go needing them. I'm unfocused and unwise in my shopping. I'm putting things together from discount stores and thrift. I'm not thrifty. I'm dissatisfied with myself and angry about my unwillingness to diet. So if you understand/practice these actions, this is your niche too.

Oh, I forgot to say I'm boring. I have a reluctance to go out in hot weather. But summer is almost over. At least it is supposed to be over soon. So my chance at fashion and style is returning. In the summer I look at blogs, see women in jackets, sweaters, and with large scarves and I wonder where in hell do they live. I mean hell. It is freaking hot here. A scarf around my neck would cause no end of discomfort in 90+ degree weather. There are other things I don't do in the summer. Like wear cuff bracelets and heavy necklaces. And wear anything tight. And wear anything that feels hot. So I limit myself to the simple, flats, pants/shorts, and a T style top.

Being overweight and having no interest in discomfort, I stick with stretch and elastic. Waist. I'm not into spanx. I'm not into tight waist items. Belts---nope. Where does this leave me?

Walmart. I found a cute peasant blouse at Walmart. Fifteen dollars. I now have it in four colors. I found the cutest pair of floral flats at Walmart. Six dollars. I have some stretch jeans from Walmart. Granted they aren't 7For All Mankind. But they fit. Nice plus for me.

Marshalls. I found the best bag I've had in a long time at Marshalls. Beige with fringe. I've been using it quite a while without needing or wanting to change. It was on sale for $24. And I've gotten bras, (I'm a 40DDD) for $12. Super nightgowns for $12. Tops from brand name designers for under $25 and the cutest shoes.

Kohls. I have found that they have a fabulous upsize department for women. As does Steinmart. I'm going to post some pics in the future of the great things I have found. Oh, and I can't forget ebay. What fun I have on there.

See you soon with a pic.

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Birdie said...

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