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Monday, November 13, 2017

In the eye of the beholder

I am a dog lover. I am an animal lover and I love good people too. I guess the only thing I don't love is me.

There are so many ways to learn self confidence. And there are tons of ways to lose it. Messages are everywhere. I have seen on TV that you must have a REVENGE body. But revenge against what or who? If you get your body in a shape that is pleasing to you, it's not revenge; it's a gift to yourself. If you want to look different or feel different there is no revenge to it. It is just a change. The biggest thing to think of is that you are satisfied with the change.

I am a mother. I modeled poor behavior for my children by the way I treated them and by how I treated me. After a long and mostly loveless marriage I broke. I literally looked for love in all the wrong places. My children loved me. I didn't see it. Why? because I didn't love me. I didn't even like me. Messages are interesting. Mom didn't let me wash dished because she was afraid I would break a dish. Message sent===you are incompetent. Husband wanted to spend all of his time away from work with his buddies. Message sent===you are boring. Children wanted to spend time away from home. Message sent===you aren't a good mother. You get the picture. I interpreted things in a negative way about me. And I was dead wrong. I could have thought of the time he was out with his friends as a great time for me to do something interesting. Nope!!! I saw it as a time for me to fret about my shortcomings.

I think I have learned to let go of the need for constant kudos. I think.


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