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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going for 100

I have picked up another couple of followers and I welcome them. I am the most fortunate of women. The blogs I follow show me a world of different women and men doing different things in life and being so smart about following their dreams. For some reason, my mind gets more ideas and less impetus than most. Well too bad. Here we go for today.

I am making lists of the things I want to do today and putting up notes.

I have finally cleaned(?) or straightened up the studio. I continue to add things to make the room more interesting for my work. I just yesterday bought an adorable MealyMonster. I can't wait till Victor arrives. I love looking at the Odd Dolls, The Fae, etc. But my dad was a civil engineer and I have a hard time creating something that isn't an attempt at a replica. The blogs are expanding my thinking.

I need some inspiration from those of you who have the artist's equivalent of writer's block. Anyone who has a regular go to place for inspiration, please let me know. I would like to find a niche. Preferably one that no one else has found.

Loves, Judy

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nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Judy, i have artists block all the time and at the moment i just can't make anything.
I think the best way to get inspiration is to take time out and then come back afresh.
But sometimes i just write in a scrapbook my thoughts of what to make with drawings and then go from that. Most of the time the writing and drawing works.