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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have to wait

I ordered Victor from MealyMonsterLand yesterday and I am beside myself with excitement. The characters of MML have such a lot of character that I enjoy each new one and am not tempted to compare it to the last one. I love to see the creativity that goes into the dolls and ?monsters? and look forward to seeing Victor in person.

Today is Wednesday. I can tell because the condos across the street are being mowed. It's no wonder I lose track of days in the Winter.

Hot here. I hate hot. I hate muggy. There, I am through with hate for the day.

I have to say hello to Nikki and wonder how hubby is doing. I took some time off from the creative process and the blog to read some superb books. I am back in spades. I've kept up with the wonderful things the artists are doing and now I plan to get back to business. So let's go.

Much love, Judy

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nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi judy. Thank you for thinking of my husband. He is fine now and free of pain most of the time. I think it is a hiatus hernia. All his medical tests ruled out his heart which is great.
I will have to go and check out the mealy monsters.

Nikki x