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Sunday, May 2, 2010

what a day!!!!!!!

Today I love: the cutest little 6 pound baby horse.

Today I love: a no dino riding sign

Today I am concerned for the folks in west Tennessee and the surrounding areas that have lost loved ones to the weather.

Today I am being blown all over the place when I go outside. It is downright hot, muggy, and windy. What a combination!

Today I am one day closer to Medicare. Thank goodness.

Today I don't love: the people who drive and talk on the phone. They don't do either thing very well.
being fat and out of shape.

trying on swimsuits.


people who say bad things about politicians but who have no idea how to do their jobs better.

the economy. But I have hope.

And today I love the Creagers: their work and their world. I am so glad Jodi shares.

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