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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hard to stop

So I have lots of new vistas in the house and around it. Like the new mailbox we-he put up today. The other one was knocked off the stand and broken like Humpty Dumpty. So we got a new stand, a new box, and up it went today. How wonderful it looks. No duck tape.

And instead of the hummingbird feeders which leaked and drew ants, we now have hanging baskets of flowers. So pretty on the back deck with the ferns.

And now that I have new curtains in the den, it looks like some of the other windows might need them. And I am going to break with tradition and do away with the mini and maxi blinds and I am going to use sheers. I know that the typical 2 story Ktown house must have mini blinds and the newer ones must have the plantation shutters. I am not someone who must do what everyone else does. So sheers it is.

And I lucked into finding a paint color for the kitchen. I went to buy the paint but forgot the folder of colors. I mistakenly thought I would be quickly able to spot the colors I needed at the store. Ha!!!!! But the colors I came home with will be perfect for the kitchen. I had been agonizing over the choice for a couple of years. So now I know serendipity can be a good friend.

So after I paint the kitchen I already have planned some more changes, like new cabinet hardware, new light fixtures, and a dimmer switch in the eating area. See, like I said, it's hard to stop.

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