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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New Generation

When I look at the list of actors on TV shows I am struck by the changes that have come about. I grew up on a time of Fan magazines being about Movie Stars. My Granddaughters Emma Rose and Anabelle live in a time when people I haven't heard of are starring in TV shows. Now a Celebrity doesn't have to do anything to be a celebrity though I'll bet they will say they work hard for their money, witness the reality show people. They may be acting but if they are it certainly doesn't show. My grandbabies will be seeing "Celebrities" like the Kardashians, the New Jersey Nothings, people who are trying to win money by getting engaged, and people who are seeing who can lose the most weight on an island. And these are Celebrities.

There was a time when I would have liked Tom Cruise. After all he has made a ton of money in movies. But there is so much media coverage of the actors that it is really hard to like any of them. People who jump on sofas and believe their kids are aliens tend to turn me off. Recording persons who talk to music and don't sing don't ring my chimes. People who continually get the spotlight by being stupid Jacka--es and by being drug users, guzzlers, etc. aren't my cup of tea. People who tout violence as a way of life-Dog, Repo, etc. are so far from my ability to understand that I actually can ignore them. And "Real Housewives" who aren't wives just leave me cold.

I am afraid to see what will be on the telly for Emma Rose and Anabelle to see in the future. Will they be able to tell a real star from a fake one? Is there such a thing any more?

I watched Oprah, her bald spinoff, Jerry Springer, Ricky Lake, and Maury a few times and I have decided that even the talk show people who purport to be doing good are often self serving and opinionated. You know, I think that may just leave me with Martha Stewart. OMG

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Cathy Eng, Mother of 2 said...

Very true, however Emma Rose and Anabelle will be too smart to fall into the pop culture belief that those people are what we should strive for. They'll be too busy getting their doctorates and doing important things! :-)