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Friday, August 20, 2010

Time off

It's just another day in Paradise. I've heard it but I don't know what it means. If I'm in paradise, I'm terminally happy and what's to get tired of?

I have been not working for about 2 years now. Recently retired. And I can pretty much plan my days as I see fit. I don't go out a lot. I have a few friends but I'm definitely not a social butterfly. I can clean the house in a short time because we don't use most of it. Sounds like paradise?

Well, don't be fooled. When there are no demands on your time and no regular places to be, it's hard to get excited about anything. I have been staying home lately because it's just so darned hot outside that I perspire before I get anywhere and then feel yucky while I'm there. But I have to say, I must change in order to not grow old.

I think back to the places I wanted to go when I was working. No, I haven't been to any of them since my last job ended. I don't know why. I do have a bad back but it is so much better lately that there is no excuse. I have several shops that I have wanted to visit. Of course with a limited income, I can't do a shopping spree. But there are gifty shops and galleries and antique stores and resale shops and lots of others that I enjoy. And I haven't gone to the air conditioned mall nearby in over a year.

So I have come up with a plan to enlarge my life. There are several places nearby to visit for worship. There are wonderful shops and even good touristy things to do. I am going to plan an excursion one day a week, every week till forever. I will maybe arrange to go to several things in the same area. Or I will organize a picnic for just me.(He works) And then I can go see some parks or something. Maybe I can sketch or paint while I'm there.

And because I need stimulation I will arrange a day to work in the studio, no excuses. I know it helps to have the spirit move me. But sometimes I have to permit myself to forget other things in the house and just concentrate on my needs. How does that sound?

I have a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories acquired while working. I have no big events to wear them to so my trips out will enable me to use them. I have heard of many people retiring and dying soon after. I often wonder if we forget how to order our lives when fulfilling the needs of others. I am going to try to avoid that dying thing by putting more life into my life.

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