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Friday, August 26, 2011

For Pat Summitt

I wore orange today for Pat Summitt. The University of Tennessee women's basketball coach was recently diagnosed with early onset dementia. Pat is one of the best loved women in all of basketball. She has amassed an astounding record and has shown incredible integrity in all of her dealings. She has devoted a lot of time and energy to fund raising for charities. Her players love her. Her Lady Vol fans love her. The people who don't support UT but know of her love her. She is a thoroughly good and kind person. The least I can do is to join the many thousands who are wearing orange today for Pat.


Amber Blue Bird said...

that is such an awful disease. I hope the progression is slow. She is a joy to watch on the court. I love a coach that gets a bit hot headed at times for their team.

dressingup-everyday said...

That's a terrible desease.It's as we lost our dear little by little, very sad.
Thanks Judi for your nice words.

Jen said...

I had no idea! She is such an amazing woman. My thoughts and prayers go her way.

paula devi said...

i had no idea that early onset dementia was diagnosible. She's a courageous lady.

Jen said...

Sweetie, where'd you go?? I miss all your comments and blog posts!!

Have a great weekend :-)