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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm looking forward to the fall fashions

Roberto Cavalli has always been one of my go to guys when I want to look at beautiful fabrics and for the most part, he doesn't disappoint. However. Here. Yes the fabrics are pretty. But the look of winter pajamas is just sticking with me. I am  not able to look at this piece as fashion.

Maybe because of the fact that a lot of kids are back in school, or because of the offerings in the stores, or because of the fact that I get bored easily, I'm interested in Fall fashions. This summer has been another really hot one and continues to be hot and muggy for us here in the foothills of the Smokies. But, I am not enjoying the bright colors I loved in the early Spring. I know I have a tendency to need change to keep from being bored. And I know I don't want to go entirely to dark colors. But when I look outside at the unrelenting sun and see the back yard is a dust bin yet again this year, I long for the cooler, darker days of Fall and Winter. It seems a rest for the eyes. So when I say I love the Cavalli fabrics, I do love this one. It is a darker color in a way and yet it has the lightness of  a cool fabric.

I have been attempting to get a handle on the sewing I want to do for Fall. I have many patterns that will have to be adjusted to fit a large chest. I'm not so good at adjusting and I've never had to before so this will be an interesting learning experience. I plan to post some of the fabrics. Maybe some hints as to types of garments will help. Anyway, I'm keeping the really bright colors for next Spring. What fun it's going to be to dig them out then.


paula devi said...

this outfit is just plain uuggglllyy. yes, looks like pj's that would keep me awake at night. Coco always said when you are finished dressing take one thing off. I think she meant jewellry or accessories in general.
This piece needs to be taken off and drowned. what what he thinking? Put every trim we have left in the studio and put it on this beauty.

beatrice said...

I am looking forward to fall as well. When the weather cools it is so much easier to play with color, layers and texture.

Good luck with the sewing. I'm still trying to learn the basics!

Amber Blue Bird said...

A closet full of Roberto Cavalli would be heaven but I am with you on this pajama look, what was he thinking? PS I am so happy you liked the tunes of Ms. Sarah Jarosz!g

dressingup-everyday said...

this look isn't truly the best of Cavalli, although I like the mix of nude colors.My fav collection for fall is Y.S.L. pure elegance.

Ofelia said...

i just plain hate the pajama look! This trend started around 2008. At that time I was working in middle school and a lot of the girls were coming to school in their pajamas, showing their g strings and with gross looking flip flops. I didn't like them and I don't like it now. If you want to stay on your pajamas, stay home.

paula devi said...

hi Judy, come visit yourself on my latest blog post!