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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This could be your closet. Today my closet looks about as much like this as does my bathroom. These closets are wonderful things and I would love to have one. I have a small walk-in that I don't have to share. But it is small. And it is totally disorganized. The pictured stuff wouldn't fit into my closet. I intend to have a little word game about this problem.

Closet=where I store my clothes.
Wardrobe=my clothes if I have paid attention to Clinton and Stacey.
Clothes=what is in my closet now.
Dressed=clothing on my body, just any old thing.
Dressed and ready=ready to go out the door, clothes, make-up, hair,    jewelry, bag, etc.
Fashion=what the people who write the magazines say is what to wear.
Style=a combination of some fashion and what looks good on me.
Accessories=the things added to the clothes to make them look better
Accessorize=the things I add to the clothes to make them and me look better.
Must haves=things the advertisers want us to buy.
5 Basics of my fashion= fit, comfort, usefulness, cost per wear, and how it looks on me.
Fit=does it fit me or some idealized model close to my size?
Comfort=does the fabric feel good, have enough give, clean well, maintain shape, etc.?
Cost per wear=did I pay too much to get my use from the item?
How it looks on me= my mirror tells me and if not that, then the camera?
Usefulness=I don't and won't have a fur coat, faux or otherwise. I find them hot and I don't care about what the stylists say. I won't pay a lot of money for a scarf when I don't use them very much. I might pay out good money for a well fitted pair of shoes. I look for things I can use for layering, for dressing up or down other things, etc. If I purchase something, I want either good cost per wear or I want it to enhance the usefulness of something else.

Right now I have a large group of clothes, not a wardrobe. I had never thought about organizing the clothing I have into a wardrobe until the blogging about fashion and sewing came to my attention. Now I am going to try to improve my closet with cubes and storage items, and I am going to try to improve my wardrobe using the five basics I've come up with. Fall should be fun this year.


Lorena said...

We all have closet issues.
I have an average size closet but its flooded.
I try to keep it organized (i took 3 hours yesterday to do that) but I can never KEEP it, MAINTAIN it organized.
I am making an effort to get rid of more stuff. I have plenty. I think I could die with the stuff I have...

Amber Blue Bird said...

this may sound nuts but I actually enjoy rearranging my closet when fall comes. its fun to bring out my tights and colored socks and put them in bins. An organized closet...its a good thing.