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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye summer

I am so happy to see Autumn entering East Tennessee. I'm still loving some of the Summer colors and I decided to wear this one in honor of Summer's last fling. I'm always somewhat energized by the arrival of the cooler weather. And I always associate the Fall with lots of fun things from my past. Like: 1. When my X and I were dating we often went on road trips. Our sort of road trips consisted of trips through the beautiful countryside and up into the mountains. Either alone or with 1 or 2 other couples. We were in college but if everyone pooled their money we could get a lot of gas. Anyway, the Cherokee National Forest is one of the most beautiful places in the USA. And it has always been a bit off the beaten path. So we would go up, smell the campfires, wade in the icy water, pick up beautiful color leaves, laugh and have a wonderful time. Fall. 2. I loved school and Autumn always meant back to school. While some seem to think of it as new wardrobe time, I never did and I always loved the smells. The smell of new pencils and large lined paper. I imagine that some of that has gone away with the computer age. And I loved seeing the people I'd not seen over the summer. Playground games. Shooting buttered straw papers in the lunch room. That nasty bus. I loved it all. 3. It's Football Time In Tennessee. I was always in the band as I got older. Yep. One of those nerds. But I loved the bus trips, and going to all the games. Of course I wanted to be a cheerleader. But never was. There is a smell to football games. Popcorn, hot dogs, and dust. We had a track around the football field and there were a lot of kids walking the track to see and be seen. 4. In the Fall when the leaves changed I always felt the most creative. So as an adult, I would start making things for Christmas. And I have noticed that most of the paintings I have done were of Autumn scenes. Tells me something.

Fall also ushers in some other things. My marriage began at the end of August and ended at the end of August. My wonderful son was born in October as was my Mom. My Dad died the day before their birthdays, on one of the most beautiful days of the year. Autumn leaves were perfect that year. It didn't seem right. My Mom died at the end of November. But in spite of or because of these things I have love Autumn since I can remember. It is sometimes a mixed bag of emotional stuff. Sometimes it makes me cry. This year my Dad has been gone 34 years and Mom 22. Sometimes I cry. But mostly I smile. I sort of think of Fall and Winter as the Earth taking a rest for the next growing year. And I think that is a hopeful sign.

There are a few other things about Fall I'd like to mention. There is new TV. There is the biggest fashion publishing blitz of the year. There are new things to do, even as a family. The corn maze. The sports. Halloween. Eating lots and lots during the holidays. And remembering loved ones.


Jen said...

Road trips, football and gorgeous colors... I do like fall!!

Happy Wednesday Darling! How the heck have you been??


Amber Blue Bird said...

I love fall too. When I was in kindergarten every kid had to go in front of the class and say what their "favorites", my fave season was Fall even back then. I love the cooler weather and the SMELLS! The wet grass, dried leaves, apple pie. Autumn really does smell delicious. On another note, thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful comments. They always make me smile.

Clara Turbay said...

i like so much what you post. feel free to check out mine and follow me if you really like.

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WobiSobi said...

Thank you Judi, you made my day!!:)