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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I watch too much TV

No pic today. I just have a few things I notice myself doing now that I never did before.

I turn the sound off or I change the channel if: 1.  People start singing about structured settlements in an operatic fashion.  2.  Mayhem occurs.(Insurance commercial)  3. A well dressed woman stands up at a wedding and starts talking about regularity. 4. Cute little Jennifer Hudson starts singing.(Weight loss commercial)  5.  A duck talks or dances or a gekko mentions food. These things irritate me big time.

I also find it difficult to watch Hollywood news on TV or read about it in magazines. I value the truth and I sometimes don't think the authors wouldn't recognize the truth if it kicked them in their collective behinds. Things like "secrets of..." , and "exclusive" are put there to make us think we are in on something. We are I guess, along with a few million others.

Lastly, there is programming. There used to be a Fall/Winter season. Now there is a short summer season. The Fall is still packed with new programming but it is all on at the same times and after Feb there is a vast wasteland till the Summer season which starts in May or June or July or August or whenever. I used to love many of the shows on but many of the series are ten years old or older and are straining to keep current. By the way, I have noticed that many of the new crime shows headline women instead of the old standby male cop. Interesting. Now to my peeve. I pay for many many many channels. And yet in the morning when I want to sit and drink my  coffee, and watch TV,  a lot of the channels have only telemarketing. I have noticed that as many as half of the channels are showing the TV ads most of the day. I resent paying for them. I won't watch them.

I guess I am back to reading books.


Colleen said...

I don't change the channel for anything. Well everything I watch is recorded so I can just fast forward. There are plenty of times that I cover my face.

I have noticed the telemarketing when I travel or something but otherwise I just record it all. I do notice that all the good shows are on all at the same times and other times nothing good is on. Recording is great because we can record on 10 channels at once if we wanted to so we are always covered.

Judy C said...

Colleen said she can record 10 Channels at once. I'm going to look for a machine that lets me do that. Sounds wonderful. And I can skip tons of ads.

Colleen said...

We record it through a computer. Also some HD channels are on the same "tuner" (I think that's what my husband said) so then that's why we can record multiple ones at a time. I think most DVRs just let you record 2 at a time.

Lorena said...

I change the chanel when its sports or politics.

dressingup-everyday said...

I hate to watch TV and I never do it,I feel that I'm wasting my time.
I'd rather swim, read, walk, paint,take care of my garden,of myself........
I'm glad we're in the same way!
Hugs. Yoana