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Monday, January 16, 2012

Look down

Shoes--I don't think I will ever get it right. The dress is a silky print with a flow to it that I like. I think sandals are terrific. But these sandals actually don't look much like sandals. Too much leather and buckles. Like boots.  The boots below don't get it either. Even with the right sort or garment- the color shouts "burn me. I'm ugly"

I'm pretty sure the rest of the shoes pictured are self explanatory. I will admit to being out of the current trends. I was so happy when the huge military style was on the decline because I have big feet and adding a large shoe to them makes me cringe. So now we have platforms. Shoes are sometimes so big that petite girls look as if their feet are as big as their legs. And I suppose it's inevitable to have some designers get a kick out of making odd shoes. Well, here is my gallery of the weird, the bad, and the ugly.


Birdie said...

All those shoes are awful but the first have no words to describe how awful they are. Who gets paid to design this crap?

Amber said...

wow those are some weird shoes. I dont know anyone who could pull those off....maybe lady gaga.

ms. devi said...

hysterical. The shoe issue fascinates me as well as the people who wear them. The downward doggie shoe is so funny. Hey, they're all funny. That women (mostly) wear them is even funnier. I'm a comfort person myself.

dressingup-everyday said...

Love heels, but I agree: the proportions are very important ( a small woman isn't right with platforms, her figure is disproportionate ). Those models are crazy!.
( yes, dear, I've got a pup, isn't lovely? )

Lorena said...

You have an interestingly ugly selection here... WTF ?
Seriously I sometimes wonder what designers are ON when they create things like this.