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Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I'm still working on accepting new ideas in the New Year. Like I saw a pic of a huge sweater with sleeves that hid the hands and the sleeves had bracelets to let the hands show. Waist tucked in in front about 2 inches wide, short shorts, boots. And my first thought was-is it winter(huge sweater) or summer(short shorts)?

I saw a beautiful lace dress, and very delicate. The wearer was wearing oxfords and black socks. My first thought was-and they make fun of old men and their black socks with sandals!

I saw many sets of especially painted nails and my first thought was-How much does that cost? Then-How long does it take? Then-How long does it last? Then-Does the wearer do anything in the way of housework? I suppose I'm just getting too old to appreciate some things.

I noticed a lot of tattoos on pinterest. But all of them are new ones. You can tell because the skin around them is red and inflamed. And I thought-Doesn't that hurt?

I saw a news item about a plastic surgery loving Mom giving her daughter an iou for a boob job for the child's 7th birthday. Still don't understand that one.

I see a lot of pics on pinterest and in mags of high high high heels with huge platforms. I wonder if the shoe makers are making attractive back braces and ankle supports.

I see beautiful hairdo pics on pinterest. There are tousled, arranged, curly, wavy, colored(strange colors), short, braided, upswept, and long and straight. I wonder if most of the styles can be done without extensions.

I am totally out of it when it comes to the mustache craze. Where did that come from and why?

Anyway. All of this leads me to think about the what is in fashion question. I remember when something was fashionable for several seasons. But now in the age of instant electronic communications, things fly by so fast I can't keep up. A bag that was popular last winter is so yesterday. Now things are designed and shown at fashion shows by hundreds of designers, not 20 or so. Now the rag mags are showing ridiculously expensive dresses which are worn once and the wearer had better know the name of the designer. And now we have tons of fashion critics who have outlets in those mags but who don't seem to have credentials. I am so glad to know that I can thumb my nose at all of that and do what I want. Really!!!!!!!!!


Serene said...

I'm with gets kind of crazy and in the's less about style and all about money. I guess the lesson is, just wear what makes you happy! Hugs to you Judy! ~Serene

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Judy, It is a crazy world nowdays.
As to the polished nails. I polish mine now because it makes me happy. It does take about an hour to do the full manicure. I have to redo it every couple of days because the polish gets chipped by doing things around the house. I usually polish in the evenings while watching TV.

Lorena said...

Well Judy, seems like we have been on Pintetest a lot -and looking at the same things!
Yes, tattoos look like they hurt once i walked into a tatoo place with a friend and there was this guy having a huge snake tatooed around his torso - i cannot tell you how painful that looked-
AND the story about the woman giving her daughter a certificate for a boob job just indicated how very messed up of a world we live in .

Amber said...

Yeah the fashion world is very fickle. Just wear what you like and you will be fine. I heard about that boob job for the 7 year old kid on the Today show and could not believe my ears. The insecurity level for that mother is so high and now she is gonna rub that off onto her daughter. Such a shame.