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Monday, December 3, 2012

Not French's

It's sort of mustard. But my mustard in the bottle is a little more yellow. Anyway, I like the color a lot. And this year there seem to be shades of this color and a mix with brown, etc, everywhere. I've seen the color called ochre, caramel, tan, and several other names. One place actually called a color I like "sweet tea".

There are several things I noticed about the mustard and other similar colors. One is that they mix well with most other colors. I'm not sure about the blue based reds but with blues, purples, greens, grays, and even with black, this color is a stand out. It has white, grays, and browns in this top. And It looks great with most of my black and brown pants.

Another is that this color is similar to what we used to call gold. But there is a slight difference, as if the color mixer threw in a dash of something else. And with the gray in this top I'd love to have a pair of gray pinstripe slacks. I'm not usually into gray. By itself I think it's dull. But not here. 

The top is more compatible with my skin tone than the old color gold was. I thought it made me look sick. But this doesn't. Of course, as you age your skin color does change some.

One other thing about this top that I love is the finish on the bottom. The fabric there is the same color but is sort of see-thru. Using that as an example it shows a way to add fabric to the bottom of tops that are too short..
This was my first foray into the mustard top. I like this one because of the different colors. There is an off white, a brick red, a brown, and an odd shade of blue that is almost teal. But alas, it shrank and I now need to add something to the bottom.

I am on the lookout for a caramel top, sweater, jacket, or whatever. I've seen one I love with off white polka dots and I'd love to find it in my size. It is such a luscious color.

December is really not the time to find bargain clothing. I was caught up in the thrift thing and resale thing. I got a great bag. Resale shop. Walked in the door and Bang! There it was as if waiting for me. Brand spankin new and a good price. And a great style. And my favorite colors. Pictured on a previous blog.

Now I must state that I got a new phone and have posted a couple of things via the phone. I got it for the picture taking function and to be able to put things into email and my blog. But I don't know how to use it well yet and I can only beg for patience on the part of my readers. With that I will also thank those of you who follow and I tell you that you make my day.


Serene McEntyre said...

Well you look just wonderful! I totally agree that this tone is very suited to your coloring! And I have often called that gold also. Yellow just doesn't seem to do it justice. Hugs girly! Serene

Lisa said...

I love this top and the color...whatever we call it. I usually say mustard, but I'm thinking more dijon mustard.
Hey, you know what? I just a few minutes ago realized I have been replying to your comments from my email....and you have a "do not reply". So I guess you've never gotten any of my emails to you? And if you haven't then I feel so bad if you think I don't respond to you. Let me know because there's something else I'd like to mention, but don't know if conversing about every little thing on the blog post is appropriate. My email is if you want to email me and let me know what yours is. It's up to you. Thanks!