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Monday, July 1, 2013

A partnership

 In April of next year I will have lived with this guy for 25 years. I am nostalgic. I have found a partner. I never thought it would happen and I admit he has grown into it. He thanks me for anything I do for him. For any meal I fix for him. For going shopping with him. For cleaning the house.

He reminds me when I need to go to the Doctor. Or if I need to pay a bill. Or if the dog needs to be groomed. However he never and I mean never fusses if I do something for myself.
He is unfailingly kind to others, funny, and endlessly entertaining, and loving. And I think he's cute. And now I am reminding myself to be grateful for the horrendous circumstances that brought him to me. Without those awful times we would not be happy now.
This is my Shadow and Brian fishing at the lake. My two best friends.
This is Brian holding my first grandchild. He was scared to death but luckily my grandchild wasn't.

When I'm sad I try to remember to be grateful for a true partnership.


Stacey said...

Congratulations on 25 years!!! I love the pic of him holding your grandchild - you look radiant :)

Serene McEntyre said...

Sooooo happy for you! Finding someone who knows you and loves you, is truly something to be grateful for! Mucho hugs!!! Serene

Ofelia said...

25 years is a lifetime! Congratulations and I'm glad that you are thankful for having a person that is perfect for you and that you can both enjoy being part of each other life!

Kathleen said...

This brought me to tears. I feel that at nearly 42 years old I have found my partner, and for the first time in my life I feel comfortable "in my own skin" with the person I was meant to be with. I may have found him later in life, and we may have our issues but I dearly hope that we can attain what you have and I will be posting about our happiness in the next 25 years. Oh, the stories we could exchange...

Lorena said...

What a nice tribute ! happy anniversary.