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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Even the good stuff

 Sometimes you see something you want or that you want to do and there is no money or there isn't enough energy, time, etc. I've been putting off doing a lot of stuff in the house because of all of those reasons. And I mean that there isn't a single room in the house that I can point at and say it's done. Painting, flooring, and decorative stuff have been on my mind. Big time.

I have found a bit of a way to finance some of the things that need doing. And I'm in the midst of getting the things, including financial, going forward. So there is stress. I'm not completely sure of the financial stuff. And until I am, there is going to be stress. Dammit, I hate stress. But I had just given up on doing things to make the problems go away. It's like trying to eat the elephant in one bite. No way. So I've gone from overwhelmed and stressed to overwhelmed and stressed. Even the good stuff can cause stress.

I've looked at pinterest and home decorating web sites and I've
found some things I love and will definitely try. For instance,
the bathroom floor that looks like wood is really tile. I think that rocks. And I've put down tile before. I can actually do that. Yes.

I want a house that has a boho vibe in conjunction with Asian, Zen, and Feng Shui. I want a home that is relaxing for me and my honey. And a home that expresses my appreciation for art and other cultures. I need color, softness, and simplicity. The older I get, the less stuff I want to have around me. Part of that is the need to clean stuff that just sits around. Part is the wish that after I'm gone, no one has to deal with a lot of junk. I have a thing for lanterns, candles, and lighting. I thing that's enough to deal with.

Moroccan lantern. I have them. I love them. Light and color. Yes!

I have to be careful not to throw too much color into any situation. I like the colors in the first office pic. I like the colors in the lantern. I search for a happy medium. And I stress.


Ofelia said...

Stress, money troubles and the list goes on...
You should really get your home to reflect you at this particular moment. As we change so does our styles and taste.

Birdie said...

I love simplicity, too. My home is a sanctuary and clutter stresses me.

Hubert said...