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Friday, January 18, 2008


The weather is a real trip. First there might be a rain event. Or a snow event. These should be renamed. First should be, OBOY it might rain here. Then SNOW. If the weather people are correct it will snow all around us and we won't see any. But the grocery will make a killing on milk, bread, coffee, beer and cigarettes. Oh, and salt.

And, now the weather people have started talking about our days, as in, there is a 40 % chance of rain on our Thursday. Does he think that if Thursday belonged to someone else we would have sun instead?

And of course, there is always repitition. I assume that a certain amount of time must be filled so we have to see the forecast at least 3 times. Each time is from further out in space. Yup, that is definitely where I am going to check the weather. Space!

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