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Monday, January 14, 2008

Trying to change a rock.

Why would anyone in their right mind try to change a rock into something different? It seems that the events occurring in the Middle East are the same events that have occurred almost constantly since there has been a Middle East. There have been wars, male-dominated religions, fanaticism, refugees, and general unrest. It is clear that the different nations in the area can't even agree among themselves or with each other about much of anything. So why are we over there trying to insert a new (relatively) idea into their arsenal of things to argue about.

In the United States, we profess to value human life. And we march to save babies. Why are we not marching to save soldiers' lives? For some reason, a life which has had time to form doesn't seem to be as valuable as that of a fetus. So we send some of our best to be cannon fodder for people who did not attack us and who really don't want us there. In our rush to force those in the Middle East to conform to our value systems, we sometimes resemble them and their value systems. So much for our credibility.

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Cathy said...

I agree. That's Americanism for you. We think the world revolves around us even though we're still in infant stages as far as age of country goes and they've had done things their way for a lot longer than we've even been around. It's the same problem as I have with Baptists going to Africa to hand out Bibles. Why would they think those people are going to change thousands of years of thinking just by saying "God loves you. Now convert."