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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's just me

I wrote a post this morning. I set out my feelings on certain subjects. And that is just what the comments are. I know that there are many people who disagree with my words and they are welcome to do so. I usually like to see beauty in everything and I will stare at beautiful things for hours. I also agree that others have the right and indeed the responsibility to follow their own opinions. And to voice them. But I can't be someone besides who I am. I actually worry about some things I see. The upcoming Kardashian wedding is one of the things I see as a sign that something isn't right. I haven't ever been a fan of gratuitous flaunting of wealth. I don't have wealth. But that isn't why. I see it as trying to prove worth. And to constantly try to one-up others to me is condescending.

I also realize that there are some other things that maybe someone else understands that I don't. The fashions of today are looking to me like some people can't eat, some can't sew, some can't design, and some need huge amounts of money. There is a huge difference between what "normal" people wear and what the designers show. There always has been. So called normals like me wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt that looks like the wearer pinned up sections of it with safety pins. I really wouldn't pay money for a dress that had unfinished edges. If  someone gave it to me I would finish the edges before wearing it. And the runways are focusing on models that are super tall and so thin as to look sick. I remember the fall out when "heroin chic" was a big deal. Kate Moss was one of the waifs included in that era. The Twiggy figure was considered unusual when she was modeling. Now that most of, or at least half of, the women in the US are size 12 and above, the designers are using thinner and thinner models. There was article on the internet that even Victoria's Secret is using a model who's figure is far from curvy. If that trend continues, men won't be looking forward to the televised VS fashion show.

I know that if an item says price available on request it is too expensive to consider.

I also have tried to understand the reasons behind the changes in a lot of other things. Posing with the toes together heels apart is something I don't understand. I now even see the models in some mags doing it. Posing with the tummy thrown so far forward (ala Paris Hilton) it looks like the spine is wonky. I think that is in a class with posing with one arm forward and down as if it isn't working. Those things are not in my book of knowledge. And then there are the jumps. At least that's exercise. But sometimes the poses take my attention away from what I can see of the garment.

Again, these are my opinions. And they are further proof that I am simply not with it. In any way. I actually tried some of the poses and I'm glad no one saw. They were erased from the camera before uploading to the computer. Not taking any chances.

I feel that I have missed my time. I want to be attractive. I've always wanted to be pretty. I've always wanted to be thin, not to extreme, but so I can wear a belt. I've always wanted someone to admire me. At times I wanted it so badly that anyone would do. On my previous post, and on this one, I have said I don't understand. I don't understand why things which would have been normal if I were 20 have suddenly appeared wrong to me now. I don't understand why I have little or no appreciation for some of the fashions the whole  youthful world is wearing, like tights. (I hate pantyhose and by extension tights) And I don't understand why things that seem so hot right now are important to me. They will change by tomorrow.

I guess most of all I don't understand why I can't admire myself and my opinions and stop worrying about it.


Birdie said...

Stop worrying about your opinions. Admire yourself! Do it. :-)

this free bird said...

I don't get the Kardashian wedding, that RIDICULOUS pose Hilton and so many others do, or that thing with the feet. I don't care if it means I'm out of touch...I think it means I'm sane and things have gone terribly awry!! I bet we could dish on a LOT of things...


Ofelia said...

My dear Judy please check my blog and maybe you will feel a bit better about yourself!

Judy C said...

I am so glad to hear from these friends. In many ways we are so alike and in many ways not so much. I'm gratified that people I admire leave me messages and these messages go a long way toward the smiles I come up with throughout the day.

Jen said...

Uggh... don't even get me started on the Kardashian wedding and the registry!! Let's just say I'm no longer a fan of that fam!

Happy Friday Dear! xo

Lise Marie said...

You are beautiful! And you are talented! You blog is great and you truly lift my spirits many times with your comments.

Embrace your wonderful self!!!

Amber Blue Bird said...

Oh dear me I just want to give you a hug right now. You always leave me the sweetest compliments and now I want you to start giving yourself the sweetest compliments. Chin up!

paula devi said...

Dear judy I agree with you except for how you worry about your opinions. I have no idea what the kardashians actually do other than spending money. I am clueless as to why all of these Paris Hiltons, Kardasians, etc. are so important to people. And I am deleriously happy to be out-of-touch with all that. It's empty and useless and provides nothing. We, who have years behind us, should not give a damn about making our opinions known loud & clear AND enjoy every moment that freedom we have earned.

Judy C said...

I am grateful for the comments. I do worry about offending people with my opinions and I hope that if someone is offended they would tell me. And I've been trying to hide what a B.... I can be.