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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping Up

I am having a terrible time keeping up with things, and it shows. There was a time when I thought I understood things about fashion and looking nice. But things seem to have changed in a major way. Right now I am looking at the picture above and thinking about how ridiculous it looks to me. The idea of matching one thing with another has gone out the window. Argyle socks with the skirt. Where did this idea originate. No color match or even season match there. Booties with the toes cut out. I used to think boots were worn for warmth in cold weather. Evidently not. And the jacket looks like it goes with a whole other outfit. Then there is the long hair with the center part that so many seem to think is appealing. Lost it again. The big glasses don't make the wearer in this case look brainy because brainy folks can match colors and patterns. And the lack of curve makes me think she is maybe 12 or 13. Like I said, I am lost. In my day the object was to dress nicely for the season, in appropriate colors and fabrics.  Oh where did I get lost?
This outfit is definitely something a mature woman would wear. At 50 she looks great. I'm not fond of the extra stuff coming out of the top of the dress. But she is aging well. She has looked super for years. Not like the darlings below. Pam Anderson still dresses as if she were 25. She isn't 25. And here she is showing the real thing. I'm totally unable to put down her look as right now and 99 per cent of the time she looks tons better than me. But it is hard to carry out the sex kitten look much past 25.
 Next on my list of I don't understands is why someone who depends so much on her looks to further her career would go out looking like this. I'm not going to be photographed if I go out like that but she knows they are out there with their cameras. So what's up. I think it is a shame that all of that money is available to make her look terrific and it isn't being done. Come on, give me some and I'll look like a million bucks.
I admit to being way way way behind the times. I have a cell phone. It is the only phone I have. But I don't text, take pics, or have internet access on it. I don't tweet. I have way too much to say to use that venue. My car doesn't have anything to warm the seats, to tell me where I am or where I'm going, to look like real wood, to move the tires in tandem, or anything like that. I don't have or want a fax machine. I still am known to watch regular movies not in 3D. I don't have a cook or household help. I make some of my own household items and clothes. I do recycle as much as possible. I read real books, not from a Kindle or other device. And I have not been able to find a magazine in the thousands that are published that has fashion advice for overweight 65 year olds.  So you see, I am well and truly having a hard time keeping up.


Amber Blue Bird said...

I look at some fashion mags and think what in the H E double hockey sticks is she wearing?!?! I guess fashion is just whatever you want to make of it. If someone wants to wear peep toe booties who am I to say no you cant you look crazy. People often stare at my vintage dresses and I am sure they are thinking the same thing :)

Judy C said...

Amber. Peep toe booties will never make sense to me. Sandals that have boot-like tops don't either. But someone who does a good job putting together an outfit like you do does make sense. Oh an by the way, your picture settings are wonderful.

Taylor said...

Judy - I completely get most of what you are saying here and I will be 31 in August. I am a realist so seeing pictures like the one at the top - which, when I saw it in my Lucky mag, I had a reaction of "That looks RIDICULOUS" - just make me feel stupid. Although I have to say that most magazine editorials are (I think) supposed to be way over the top so they look "interesting." Or something. I will never be risque, I will never take huge chances... because "out of the box" for me is pattern-mixing. To me it's about being true to who you are and none of that nonsense is who I am. (Oh, and I still read BOOKS too. I love the library!)

Lorena said...

Judy, I would also look ridiculous wearing that outfit and I am certain many other bloggers would agree with me.
Like you I do not understand how someone who lives from her looks and are considered celebritiescan walk out the door looking like that. Its like all the effort you have done being thrown in the trash.

Judy C said...

My daughter has told me I don't understand when I speak badly about some of the outfits and poses in fashion magazines. But I can't help it. I don't see them in real life so I just don't understand.